"Time & Motion Expert" sex tapes acquitted.

I am surprised nobody has yet mentioned this disgraceful story below where a so-called "Time & Motion expert" videotaped his girlfriend while they were having sex.

He bangs on about giving her "20 minutes satisfaction, 9 minutes intercourse then more satisfaction etc.etc." This so-called "Time & Motion Management Consultant" was acquitted and the story then goes on to say that he was unemployed at present.

Considering that he makes a big song and dance about what most of us - those of us with Security Force experience anyway-can manage in no more than 3 minutes I am not at all surprised that he is out of work. Just goes to prove what I have always thought about "Management Consultants".

I made sex tape to improve my performance, man tells girlfriend - Telegraph
AS the comedian Richard Prior once said - you know when you've satisfied your woman 'cos she rolls over and go to sleep!



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