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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fang_Farrier, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Fang_Farrier

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  2. Gates has donated a shedload of cash , and actually funded vital research and intiatives.

    What has Bono done?

    Which reminds me , where's the cash from the last "Ego-Aid" event. Does anyone know what it's being used for?
  3. Bono has put 3rd world development on the political agenda...

    There is no cash from the Live-Eight... Its wasn't aimed at raising money it was aimed at getting a political message accross....

  4. Of course Tricam.

    Now, that mobile phone lottery to a premium rate number to get a ticket?
  5. PTP, you old cynic!

    You'll be saying they only did it for the publicity next !
  6. Bill Gates is definitely worthy of Time Magazines' award. Not only has he used his huge personal fortune to assist the Third World, we should remember that he has placed significant financial support to our universities (Oxford Uni's IT Dept). Well done fella! Can I now get a free Media Player update? Cheers Bill!
  7. It costs money to put up the stage, pay all those stewards etc etc... The aim wasn't to raise money but any excess was donated to the Band Aid Charitable Trust which does all sorts of lovely things in Africa ( http://www.live8live.com/behindlive8/index.shtml ).... Are you worried they fiddled the books? or is that you feel charity in Africa doesn't work and is a waste of money?

    As for whether they did it out of the goodness of their hearts or to promote their latest album - I don't really care... I suspect there is a good deal of the former, but who cares either way so long as some good gets done... Do soldiers join the Army just to defend the Queen and protect democracy or are there economic reasons such as 'getting a trade' too??

  8. I'm not suggesting they've fiddled the books Tricam , but damn me, there seems to be scant representation in the organisation from Africans....
  9. I presume you mean within the Live-Eight organisation and not in terms of artists playing?

    I don't know how many Africans are in it. But if the aim is to raise money in the UK or to get a political message accross in the UK then why would you need Africans for that? I can't understand their fackin accents half the time anyway. Much more efficient to get Brits working in the UK doing that bit and pass the money on to local reputable groups. These organisations will know which projects are worthwhile etc. This http://www.live8live.com/docs/bat-fundingsummary2000%20-%202005.pdf lists the organisations which benefit... UNICEF, GOAL, Oxfam...

    In terms of finding a grand strategy to sort out Africa there is the Commision For Africa. Clearly that needs some Africans on it and indeed there are some.... http://www.commissionforafrica.org/english/commissioners/bios/introduction.html However, I do hope they speak slowly in meetings or else no one will understand them through their thick accents.