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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by devilish, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. What's the quickest any of you have had from getting someone from attestation to trade training?

    2 of ours are in 9 months and are starting trade tomorrow.
  2. Well done that is brilliant, seeing as it has just taken me 3 odd months just to get attested, I wouldn’t hold your breath seeing whether anyone from my TAC has been on trade training before 9 months service??
    Looks like transferring is the order of the day?
  3. old system - I joined in Sept and was trade trained by the following February and I had taken longer than most or my contemporaries.

    Current system - fuggin 9 months, well done that man and the recruit training team behind him, there are "recruits" in my unit who would have a legitimate claim to a second year bounty if only they had completed their CMS(R) course and phase 3 trg to enable them to take part in ITD trg, and lets not even talk about trade trg...

    They may be the extreme but the norm doies appear to be about 12-18 months. Could anyone else confirm if this occurs in other capbadges?
  4. I managed to get CMS(R) and GAP done in about 9months, it'll take until my 2 or even 3 year point to get me completed on official trade training (can still do the job mind, benefit of an camps and exe's).

    Probably take another year to get on driver trg (a key selling point recruiters use) had people way ready for their first tape but they handed kit in because they hadn't got the right driver trg done (thus not trade trained) in over 4 years - normally applying for courses way ahead, hearing nothing and then being informed they've been loaded 3 days before the course begins..
  5. ^Driver training in 12 Sig Grp really needs to be looked at, it needs to be made more available (like being run centrally over weekends).
    Its effect on promotion is considerable, take 2 people I know who did the same recruits course, 1 is now a class 2 ED PTI Cpl (pushing for his 3rd) and the other left recently as a class 2 trained PTI RS Op Siggie. They both wore the same cap badge, held the same driving license (Cat B) but in different Sigs Bde's.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Try 'being run locally over w/e.' Why centralise it? You're wasting time driving to driver training.

    What need to happen is for driver training to be considered as any other course and put into the hands of the (local) PSI, rather than have it co-ordinated at RHQ level.

  7. Well put that man!

    Does anyone know what the legalities of learner drivers in the TA are? With a provisional and L plates, can a fully licensed driver take people out on driver training?
  8. Not at all, all driver training is undertaken under the direction of the MTO, MTWO and the Master driver, you also have to be a qualified driving instructor ;)

    In some Bde's driver training is put out to contract, if there is a distinct shortage of driver training courses then it needs to be voiced loud enough for it to reach the Bde commander, if the units in his Bde arent able to fulfil his mission by virtue of a lack of driver trained people then it should at least set alarm bells ringing ;)

    Certainly in the London area (I know 36 Sig Regt were doing it) driver training was put out to a civilian contract running from Woolwich barracks on a 1 week course basis.
  9. It looks as if I'm missing something :lol:

    I was already B+E when I joined Sigs, so I had to do 2 one week courses to get C+E (and keep me 3 tapes). Those doing B+E were given the option of doing it as a lesson or two per week or again 1 week course.

    I am slightly blinkered in my views, as I picked a 'non driving' High Pay band trade .... and I've only used the C+E qual once since getting it 3 years ago (drove a truck about 15 miles - must have cost the Army around 200 per mile). The stupidity of the system means I gain C+E when I'm less likely (as a SNCO) to drive.
  10. Not been in the Trg Wng for too long, but since I took over we have managed to get 4 people through Phase 1 in 9 months and all 4 will be phase 2 trained within 12 months of joining.

    Current average from initial contact with unit to attestation is 42 days.
  11. Not bad Nishka, well done.

    From first contact to attestation....I've no idea. But I will find out and get back to you.
  12. msr

    msr LE


    Just out of interest, how long is it between attestation and 1st pay statement?

  13. 5 months,oh the joy of being independent!
    Edited to add- old system as well!
  14. MSR,

    It all depends on whether FORGE is working.

    As per Nishka, we're on about the same timeline - in fact don't I know you? With a phase 1 run as a Camp, I'd have to check, but probably we have some who managed the whole shebang in 5 months, otherwise it is 12 months.

    Had a cunning plan to make the norm 5 months, give 5 months experienc in sub-unit then send to CIC/StA. Wouldn't work for all, but probably about half. Not PC GH, not PC.
  15. Talking of trade training have any Sqn's had an introduction(Hands on)to Bowman yet?