time line for re-enlistment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by yorkie79, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. right peeps,

    i left the inf 2 years ago in september after serving 4years and 9 months i was a private when i left.

    i applied to re-enlist 4 weeks ago although i think the official time is 3 weeks i think because that was when i did my barb test (fook knows why)
    and had a B203 interview.

    recruiting sgt was sound and recommends me etc

    was wondering how long im looking at, although i said id be looking at november time i getting a bit bored waiting but dont want to be ball aching the acio

    anybody got any idea about time frames or should i just ring him?
  2. Welcome back.

    Ring him. Be polite and ask for a timeframe. Tell him you want to sort out your job/flat/missus/parents/hamster etc and need to have a rough idea of when you will start.

    I always understood that the latter part of the year was always busy because of the surge from school leavers in Jul and Aug. It is much quieter, and therefore quicker to join, in the spring.

  3. thanks mate

    will give him a bell tuesday as itll be 4 weeks by then since interview and barb
  4. It is quicker to join as a new recruit than as a 203 for some reason. It will take 3-4 months to get back in. If it is over 2 years since you got out you will probably have to go back to phase 1 training again. You may get accelerated through training if you are fit enough and not a muppet.
  5. Be prepared - it really can take ages.
    Personally it took 8 months, and this was into a pinch-point trade with the head of CEG ringing up MCMdiv on a regular basis to get their finger out.
  6. well although ive not been given any dates yet, after posting on armynet ive been told my application has been signed off today by glasgow.

    myabe going to lichfield and then to itc for a medical and fitness test before joining my battalion.

    really looking forward to getting back now, just want a date in writing then i can really believe it and crack on with sorting the house out etc