Time limit to get fit?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Stank, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. I applied in march this year and have done my barb test and medical forms. I got injured a while back and have started running again properly for about a month now and its going well. I was just wondering if there was any time limit on how long you take to get fit before ringing in about selection?

    I got a call from my recruiter while I was out earlier someone took the call for me and said they were asking me to go pick up some tickets, not sure what that means. I rang back and my recruiter is not in now so I will have to ring back Monday. Anyone know what that could be?
  2. Well since my injury the first timed run I got 14.03 which is a disgrace. But now its down to 11.37 , I am aiming for below 10 minutes. I am seeing improvement each week so I will get there if I keep doing what I'm doing.
  3. It could be tickets for the Scunthorpe United opening match at Glandford park this season......maybe worth speaking with your Recruiter and getting the right answer though...you may find though until your closer to 10.30 if a male you wont be going to ADSC yet....your medical and BARB lasts a year so may have to do them again if getting close to a year....chat with your Recruiter next week
  4. tickets for the Olympics??
  5. Wrong thread. Sorry
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not a 10:30 limit for selection even though that should be aimed for.
    If memory serves, when I did mine it was 12:30 for selection with the warning that they would need to improve before they start phase 1 and that they WILL get it down to at least 10:30 by the end of phase 1.
    A couple of guys came in just after the a 12:30 cut off when I did it but were passed as they showed that they'd put the effort in and had passed on the sit ups and chin ups.

    This was many years ago however and with a much more choosy Army now it could easily have been tightened.

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  7. We got told anything over 11 mins is pretty bad.

    Although were also told that a time of 11.30, but good marks on jerry can carry, power bag lift, ice breaker, remembrance tests, technical selection (for trades), team tasks and general attitude can still get you A.

    Although, it's up to the guys at the centre at the end of the day.
  8. I got 12:30 ish on my pre selection, however I got passed ahead of people who got faster run times, according to the interview at the end due to my attitude and other scores. The run is not everything as some people seem to think. However, if I dont get under 10:30 by the time ADSC comes around I will be massively disappointed.

    Pre-selection is simply for the office to see where you are. A couple of mine had been on 4 of them (the guys taking it were not impressed though). It has definitely served as a kick in the arrse for me though.
  9. I remember on my version of pre selection, half the guys there were on it for the 4th or 5th time... One guy told me his run had actually gotten slower...
  10. At my Careers office they would not allow you to go ADSC unless you got below 11mins at Pre Selection, or 9.30 for Para's