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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wild_moose, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Tried a search without any joy.

    Can anyone please clarify the rules as to the maximum time that can elapse between the completion of the 6 weekends and the start of the two week 1c course?

    Completed my weekends in June '08 and eventually booked on the 2 weeks in November (with the knowledge that I would have to do a refresher weekend before).

    I have now been informed that, due to booking issues, the November course is not happening and I am booked on for January.

    Ignoring the massive inconvenience this is causing (boss changed business trip abroad to fit around the November course etc) I cannot go in January as it is my busiest time at work.

    Am I risking having to repeat all six weekends (which I would be reluctant to do) or is it a case of just going to a refresher weekend regardless of the time since the weekends?

    Many thanks

  2. Which Brigade are you with?
  3. 165 Port & Maritime Regiment - part of 104 Logistics Brigade.

  4. i think its 8 weeks ,mate
  5. A Phase 1B pass lasts 6months - if you haven't started 1C by then you have to start 1B again.
    The 8 weeks is different - you have to have passed your ISA's (the tests that you did on weekend 6) within 8 weeks of your attendance at 1C - hence why in the South there are monthly Revision & Retest Weekends at the RTC to allow currency to be maintained
    Hope this helps
  6. Yep - many thanks.

    Sounds like I'm a bit fcuked then - passed six months when I'll start 1c.

    Ah well as I'm not prepared to do the weekends again wonder if there's any room in the ACF :?

  7. Yeah there seams to be alot of that people who cant commit to doing it all again because of the rules stating they have to do it again,!

    there should be IMO a way of staying current and doing test weekends all the way up to doing ur 1C regardless of time ,as the tests will confirm wether you still know ur stuff or not ,regardless of how much time has passed
  8. There is, you sit the tests every 8 weeks. I found out the hard way.

    I was ment to be on the 1C this Months but was told that I would have to redo the weekends all over again because I had not been kept current over the last six months. As you can imagine I was less then chuffed - since I got messed about when I transfered units last year (on another thread some where). If I get screwed by red tape or get fecked around with dates again I'm just going to bin it. :x :x :x :x
    There needs to be more cohession with this recruiting/training stuff every one seems to be singing from different song sheets.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    The trouble is that someone, somewhere just can't leave things alone.

    The rate of change is more frustrating than you would believe.

  10. Had this problem myself, takes the p$ss.
  11. im off onto my bravos AGAIN this weekend as i couldnt do a c course about 10 months ago work wanted me away, , but im not fussed, with us we have to do everything by april because its all changing again, grrrrr.
  12. As I understand it, the draft change over plan to CMSR09 for non infantry will work something like this, RTC's will run 1A&B's up until till 31/3/09 latest ie the last one can start in March09 (and therefore completing in May09) and then in April09 they will switch and start a TSC(A) with the first one completing in June09.
    Meanwhile ATC Pirbright will be running a 1C every week (might be fortnightly) with a course loading of 44 till sometime in July09 with the first new TSC(B) starting on the 3/8/09 again weekly with a loading of 44
    So the switch is "gradual" to minimise a massive retraining process