Time it takes to complete training

Good evening chaps. I'm wondering if I might ask some Qs about the TA?

I'm quite keen to pass basic asap - I'm self unemployed so (in theory) I could put in as much time as is possible. I don't suppose that I might pass within 6-8 months (or sooner)? I expect each regiment takes different amount of times to pass?

Am considering the London Regiment.

Thanks all
Depending on capbadge; Corp (6 wknds, 1 every fortnight) or Infantry (9 wknds, 1 every fortnight) at RTC Malta Bcks, Aldershot. On completing that you have to attend a 2 week course at an ATR or ITC Catterick.
Thanks for replying iUser.

I gather from what you say that it could be possible to pass basic training in under 6 months. That would be perfect for me. I hope to be abroad from November/December to Jan if not deployed (although I realise deployment is probably unlikely/impossible so soon after passing).

I wonder if it would be possible to be abroad for long periods whilst in the T.A. I'm hoping to be working abroad during the European winters. I imagine that the weekends and evenings have to be staggered rather than crammed into a smaller number of months. Would be handy to cram.

Wow! Logistics!
I wouldn't set your mind to passing it all in six months as things do happen injuries and such like, also the two week courses aren't run once a month so you'll have to find the latest dates for those. Also have you started your application? That is the slowest part of joining up.

Regards to going away, as long as you meet the require amount of annual training days (can't remember exact figure) then you are safe as long as you inform the CoC about it in case they think you've ran off.

Hope this helps.
That's really useful iUser. Thanks.

I have only just began an application process... and am unsure exactly which unit I am aiming for because I had a setback in the jobs I was primarily interested in - narrowing it down fast now though. Got a face-to-face with a TA recruitment LC very soon. I just need to find out what jobs will be available so I can plan.

Thanks again!
You London district? If I'm right and you don't mind travelling a little bit in London then there are quite a hand full of units to pick from including UKSF(r), Infantry, EOD Unit (I think), 63 SAS Signals so have a look around what type of role you'd like to do before committing to a unit.
I live within Greater London. Was originally looking at the RLC but then discovered that my first choice job was for regulars only.

Am talking to London Reg about a visit and trying to find out what wider roles are available in that Unit.
Hi JD150.

Well... I was interested in Photographer, as I have some experience in this field (been assisting on a shoot today) but.. this appears to be for regulars only (after a year in RLC).

I am also interested in an intel/comms job>>> looking towards Pathfinder.

Pathfinder may seem a little too "specialist" perhaps a bit more than I can handle, but I've had a lot of experience direction finding, and hunting/stalking wildlife (to view, not shoot), in various environments - desert, jungle, etc. That kind of job would be fascinating to me - I don't get bored in the field - especially if on a mission to find something! I'm not sure this kind of role is available to part timers either though. I haven't quite sussed that out, and would imagine it to be a difficult position to land. I don't want to presume I'm the sort of person who is suitable to that role, but it does interest me.

I'm over 30 so been around a bit (travel wise) - ahem. :)
You are correct in thinking photographer is a Regular RLC trade (though post Reserves Review I can see this becoming the remit of a speciailist civ unit, though thats only a guess).

With regards to tracking and the like you would be best to join an infantry unit, though you will have been in 5-8 years before you get the opportunity to become a tracking instructor and then only if you are going on Ops and your unit require it. Obviously if your fitness is outstanding once you're in you can apply to go SF who do much more of the covert sneaky stuff (I think the cut-off to attempt selection is 34).

Get yourself in first, you can always transfer to another unit later if you decide the role you start out in isn't for you.
Fair enough, though is he actually traded as a photographer RLC or is he just completing the course by virtue of his being employed in a media ops post? And I take it he didn't join as a TA photographer?

The only unit that springs to mind where you could join as a photographer from entry would be MOG(V) but then you need certain civi quals to meet their entry standards and even then wouldn't be an RLC photographer.
Just try and get all your training done before you leave, thanks to my old job pissing me about i had to cancel my bravos twice, told the AO I would be away for five months thanks again to work sending me across the country and would start my training again when I was back, but still found my self being discharged and a warning to send my mod90 back asap.

Now got a new job which are very pro reserve forces and are activly encouraging me re join. Not knowing why I was discharged has left me wondering if I can try again with another cap badge that suits new my civi role.

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