time in TA before Reg commission?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Oskar_de_Grouch, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    sorry to rerun a possibly oft-asked topic, but i've searched through both TA and officer forums without finding my exact query asked/dealt with.

    i am in the very early stages of applying for a Reg commission (i won't even see the ACA(O) until Jan 24th), but am very very sure that i want a career in the army etc. Given that it seems to be a very long process, would it be possible, in anyone's opinion, to join a TA unit in the interim? i know that it might be considered a waste of their resources training me up for a year or so to then see me leave, but then they do seem to be underecruited at the moment, going by comments in this forum/the news, and i'd happily put in FAR more time than the stated minimum commitment (maybe 3 weekends out of 4, plus all the weekday papershuffling they could ever want). Plus, if i DID pass RCB, Sandhurst etc and get a SSC, i'd then plan on rejoining the TA unit on leaving, which might make it seem like less of a waste of their time & effort.

    i know i could just wait and ask the career advisor, but i don't want her jaw to fall open at a possibly bone question.

  2. You should be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to get involved with Direct Entry TA Potential Officer training. And given every assistance to go Regular. Feel free to pm me for more details.
  3. I don't know if you're at uni, or post. I'm at uni, and am an Army Scholar, so I've a 'confirmed' place at the Factory in Sept 2007. I'm training in the TA at the moment - I was due to be on the DETAPO scheme that Abs mentioned, however, my unit committment has taken rather too much time to make a TA commission before a reg. one feasible. Besides that, 'Tomming it' as my CO put it has the benefits of teaching you to be and think like a soldier before you go on to be trained as an occifer, whereas the first five weeks at the factory, although on the same syllabus, is always geared towards the commission. Tom it, is my advice, by all means, join the TA. Itt'l give you a good idea of what youre getting into, and also the admin skills to put you ahead of the pack when you get to the Hurst - you'll be the one with the perfectly packed bergen, and all your kit where you need it when, when your muckers will still be asking "WhatTheFuck is this for?"
  4. Really? that's VERY encouraging news, thanks. Will PM you in a minute, when i work out how.

    edit to say: sorry, that was a response to abacus, i type quite slowly. sarnian, there seems to be a bit of debate on arrse about whether Tom/Rupert time in TA is best for this situation. frankly, i'd feel far more confident dealing with RCB stuff if i've already done a version of it with the TA. though i will speak to likely London units and get their advice first. please, everyone, feel free to add more advice etc.

    edited again to say: sarnian, i forgot to add that i've just left uni and as i don't yet have a job, time commitment isn't really a problem. and as i'm such an early stage in my Reg application, i imagine i've got enough time to get commissioned and learn the noble arts of, er, paperwork (seeing as your sandhurst entry is 2007- though i suppose that could be because you're not neccessarily in the last year of your degree). i'm 24, and i just want to learn the ropes ASAP.
  5. By all means join the TA, but as a private soldier. You would be unlikely to get a TA commission before you get your date for reg Sandhurst, you will only gain a minimal advantage over other reg cadets as, lets face it, the course is designed to teach someone who knows bugger all and you will learn many more valuable lessons being a tom and seeing the world from their perspective. Also, if the reg application falls through or takes much longer than expected, the opportunities for interesting/usefull courses (HGV etc.) are greater as a junior soldier.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!
  6. I'm with Cornfed. Also, you'll tend to get trained as a tom more thoroughly than the basic you do with the DETAPO scheme. I've done both. I can only assume that the recruit staff take more care on the phyzz and battledrills side of things if there's a chance you'll be fighting with them. If you're in London, have a look at 4 Para (Reserve).

    Don't think of TA RCB as a watered down version of Regular RCB; it isnt. PM me if you want any advice on RCB.
  7. More than a few pms received from this one already - I will respond to all over next few days (some got quite specific questions I will have to research).

    As far as the thread is concerned: good suggestions from all. Nothing wrong with joining as a soldier and enjoying TA life in ranks - that's what I did after all. However, nothing wrong with DETAPO either if that's your bag (and I get to you first :D).
  8. OK, good advice from both of you, thanks. i was hoping for RAC for Regs anyway, so the logical TA unit (WD) is one that seems to have a preference for trooper-time first in any case. I've just been looking at the DETAPO thread on this forum where Purple_Emperor seems to strongly agree with you chaps. if he's around at any point, i'd be particularly keen to see what he thinks about DETAPO entrants compared to gentleman troopers, ESPECIALLY regarding overlap with Reg Sandhurst.

    Sarnian, i don't think of TA RCB as being a watered down version of the Reg RCB; it's precisely the fact that it's identical that would make me feel more confident for having done it.

    and Cornfed, it's not so much the BEING a TA officer that appeals (and the consequent knowing-far-less-about-anything-than-my-toms), as the TRAINING for being an officer, Reg or TA, which can only be for the good. Makes sense about phys and battledrills, though, which is a strong point in time-as-tom's favour.

    As London District, as far as i've gathered, trains officer cadets seperately from the parent unit, then i would, as long as the nights don't overlap, try to do OCdt training at ULUOTC (is that how it works?) AND do the recruit stuff with the unit; as i've stated before, time commitment really isn't a problem in this case. would that be possible, or am i talking nonsense here?

    thanks for the comments and keep them coming!
  9. Oskar,

    If you are an Army Scholar you will not be required to do RCB again (I'm sure abacus can tell you whther you need to do TA RCB for DETAPO purposes).

    Some sound advice has been given about joining the TA as a soldier before going to RMAS. I would add that the best and most valuable experience you could get for yourself is some time on operations - with the best will in the world one or two years in the TA is unlikely to give you that much of a headstart over your peers, and your pl CSgt will probably be underwhelmed by it. You would however benefit from being the bloke helping everyone else to make sure their bergans are all packed rather than sitting back content that yours is.

    I would caution against this view:

    If you want to prepare for RMAS part time, undertake the DETAPO system: it will give you an introduction to officer training, other TA trg may not and your advantage may have been spent by the end of the first five weeks. Do not get confused about what RMAS is about - it is rigorous and demanding mentally and physically - it should not be dismissed as a fast track papershuffling course. Ironically a number of OCdts who have completed the TACC (with the UOTC, rather than the pure TA outlook) have arrived at RMAS unprepared for the CC because they think they have already done it; quel folie.
  10. i DO want to get as RMAS-ready as possible, so DETAPO does sound more useful for that. i don't want to come across as some kind of useless rupert-walt, but i also just feel really keen on the idea generally.

    on the London district website they list an induction night on jan 31st (with the next selection weekend in mid-march), and a selection weekend on 27-29 jan. considering i want to get this moving ASAP, would it be possible to bypass the induction night and go straight to the selection weekend? Is it just a matter of watching videos about gliding chefs, or do they tell you stuff i might actually need to know?
    i'll ring london RFCA in a minute, but i just thought arrsers might be more, er, frank.

    thanks all....
  11. msr

    msr LE


    The induction night will probably cover all the paperwork you will need for the selection w/e. You will also get a chance to meet those you will be on the selection w/e with - I'd go if I were you.

    I would also contact the unit you want to join directly, rather than RFCA.

  12. You do your officer cadet training with the brigade STT not the OTC (as you have to be in the uni there), I did recruit stuff with my regiment (33 sig reg) decided it wasn't what i was after so I started the DETAPO course. I found the physical aspect was harder with the brigade than with the RRTT, I have also been told I can still go to my unit (42 sigs) and do weekends and tuesday nights (as long as they don't interfere with the BSTT).
  13. I think that this statement is correct but Abacus will confirm - If you do your Westbury brief and Westbury main board (TA) and pass, then decide to go regular, you don't have to do RCB again. I know of a TAOC member who is going Scots Dragoon Guards and he has been advised of this.
  14. ^Sadly wrong - you need to do RCB if you are going Regular. The plan to unify the two courses fell through :(

    Any TAOC member on your course NAP6W will have been advised BY ME that if there is the slightest possibility of them going Regular, then they should do RCB rather than TCB.
  15. Abacus - see PM