Time from ADSC to Basic Training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Lukie..., Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Just bit curious really...But wandering how long between ADSC people are have to wait before basic? and what people are joinng as?
  2. Went to ADSC on June 3rd, start basic at ITC Catterick on Sept 20th, got a B at ADSC and am going for The Rifles

    tbh mate if you look at most peoples signitures on here they will have it written down below like i down
  3. It all depends on your job choices and open slots available.
  4. And now from this year it depends on your ADSC grade. Pass ADSC with either an A or a B, and if your going for infantry i've been told the wait will probaby be 2 months minimum under normal circumstances. According to my recruiter para intake is on the same date every month, if this is even true I imagine it's similar for other regiments.
  5. Not just yet it doesn't. Although the grading system is being set up and so that selection and job vacancies work the way you say. It's not actually being used yet.... anyone wants to correct me on that feel free to have a chat to the ADSO i had my final interview with.
    It's eventually going to be as your say liamp, but not at the moment.

    In the regards to time gap between passing ADSC to Phase 1 Training - I passed only wednesday and my ACA phoned me within an hour of my final interview giving me my start date for 10th January '10.

    Hope That Helps
    Syn :)
  6. I passed ADSC 20th May and my start date is 23rd August so roughly 3 months.
  7. Jan 2010!! 8O What job are you going for?
  8. **stares endlessly at his sig** :roll: 8)

    Metalsmith bud. - from what the ADSO said...the date i'll be given will probably be around january, however if others drop out from the Metalsmith vacancies then i'll be moved up a slot.
    Syn :)
  9. Passed ADSC 1st May, start basic at Pirbright 13th July :D yeehaa.
  10. passed selection on 23rd march , got basic training on 26th july
  11. When I joined the army took 3 months(to ITC) :wink: Depends on you, age, where your going etc
  12. passed selection 17th march
    phase 1. 6th september
  13. I started my application in January. Have my start date for 3rd August. But my job wait has been relatively quick. I passed ADSC 4th June so I've been pretty fortunate to get such a quick date. With many other jobs it would of been a much, much longer wait.
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  14. did selection 1st May .. starting basic on Monday lol lol lol
  15. adsc on 5th may,itc catterick on 23rd of august