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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Glorious Groundie, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Not trying to be a Barrack room lawyer or anything but

    As a JNCO i was recently approached by 2 toms who are facing disciplne for an incident (they both accept they fucked up and not denying it) the question was: how long between the crime being committed can the army take to punish the individuals?

    Quick time line of events.

    End of Aug 12 inciddent happened
    Beg of Sep 12 more info came to light
    Dec 12 Inciddent report published
    yet still no forthcoming info on discipline.

    This is adding to their stress as both have also recently found out they are now facing redundancy and are unable to make informed decisions as this is still over their heads.

    I have had a look around Dii and not found anything (not that i really know what i am looking for!) and when the CoC has been approached all they have been told is the investigation is on-going (despite report already being published) and keep getting told they will know by end of month/before leave periods then the date is moved.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated
  2. Have a look for the recently updated AGAI 67 document. What you are after is in the Annexes, can't remember exactlly which one though. Round about L or M IIRC.
  3. Statute of Limitations on fuckwittery is 99 years.
  4. Stress levels??? As a JNCO i suggest you tell them to get on with their work and then ask the chain of command for the answer. Unless it's murder of course.
  5. cheers heidtheba, that was helpful,

    Laykil - totally agree the problem is the regiment has had a massive increase in welfare cases recently and people getting time off through stress so got to be careful - CoC has been the problem even i havent been able to get sensible info out of them!
  6. If it is Major action, it falls under AGAI 67 Part 3 Annex I. Get them (or their assisting oficers(s)) to have a dig through.
  7. If the incident was investigated by the RMP then it may have been sent up to legal branch for a decision. You don't really say if the incident was minor or major. I've been out a long time and am way from current but the time-honoured way was to have a quiet chat with one of the Orderly Room clerks and see what they can find out. Have you thought of PMing Hackle and seeing if BAFF can help?