Time frame from Medical to MPGS enlistment!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Johnny80, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Served 24 years in the Army, Been out now for almost 2 years in which time I have done the whole Close Protection Circuit thing! To cut a long story short, I've done the Army thing and also the Civvie thing...The fact is I miss the Army...There you go I've said it!!! All i really want in life is to be in that surroundings, Sitting on my webbing at the ranges in the rain sipping my Hot chocolate out of my black plastic mug...Then I'm happy!...In other words nothing else gives me that buzz!

    I Found myself wandering into the Army Careers Office in Salisbury basically because the smell of boot polish took me there, After a good discussion and a bit of banter with the staff I stuck my name down for the MPGS...If you want to get the stagging on and "what is red and goes up and down"? jokes out of the way, Then I'll give you 5 minutes to get it out of your system...OK finished?, Then I'll continue.

    Paperwork done, Civvie Medical Sorted...I got a call the other day from the guys in the ACIO asking me when would I like to attend the Medical in Pirbright? I obviously told them ASAP...There's no problem with me physically...well except my head! The question I have for the one person out there who has been so bored as to have read my "War and Peace" message is this!

    How long after this Medical, Will I get the go ahead for the 1 week MPGS course and then Enlistment?

    Wow, Need to work on my "Get to the point" routine...Cheers!
  2. For crying out loud, has to be a wind up!
  3. No really, still waiting for an answer!
  4. With your CV it should be instantaneous! take all your belongings with you.:grin:

    Seriously though I will get back to you with an accurate answer once my crystal ball has demisted.
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  5. Could take a while to be honest and you won't go straight on the course. You will report to the Platoon you have nominated and be attested there. Your course should be within a month or so of arriving at the Platoon. It might be worth getting comms with the Platoon Commander and sounding them out for gen. Pm me if you need any more.
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  6. Once med accepted on your 1 day at Pirbright Medical the Med Docs will be sent back to the ACIO and then sent up to MPGS desk in MCM Div....once all is sorted paperwork wise they will look at vacancies for your prefered site and phone the Senior recruiter back if all is well and ask him to contact the applicant with the location thats available (hopefully one you want) and possible start date (normally around a month later). If you agree with that date or close to that date then paperwork will be sent down to the ACIO and you will go in normally a few weeks prior to the ACIO to attest then as said above touch base with the MPGS boss at the Camp you have had the offer from and they will then arrange courses and kit once in...with the ammount of MPGS applications at present it isnt always possible to get first choice so keep a few locations in mind.
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  7. Hi Thanks everyone for the help, Got my date for the 19th Nov in Pirbright, any more info on the Medical, Time frame would be appreciated.
  8. Are you in yet? Has anyone on here recently done the medical at Pirbright? I did my (RAF) medical at my AFCO first time round (straight forward) but this seems a little more... in depth? JI's mention bibs, minibus from Brookwood station etc etc...what can I expect? Any advice to put my mind at ease would be appreciated!
  9. Hope no one minds if i hi-jack this.
    But could do with some info from those in the know. Ref MPGS recuritment. Had my medical and interview at afco, completed my sc and previous service checks. Sent over my civvy medical questionaire this week. Anyone know how many stages are left? Many thanks
  10. I think the checks (CRB & references) are the last stage? They were for me anyway. Didn't you have to go to Pirbridght or somewhere for the medical? Your best bet is to speak to Kath (you should already be in touch with her) as she knows better than any of us. Good luck
  11. Thanks bro
  12. Looking at ten weeks plus.