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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ssupersixfour, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. |Just out of curiosity, how long (in terms of training time, rather than calendar time) does it take to get trade-trained? I'm only a newbie so forgive me if I've got the terminology wrong: what I'm referring to is how much training you have to do between CMS (R) and being fit for role.

  2. depends on what trade you go for, doesnt it?
  3. I meant for each of the different trades eg if you're a trade y you need to do x weekends or courses.

    Sorry that wasn't clear - having a muppet day at work (hence the desire to think of something different!)
  4. Well you've got your CMSR(TA) and then your gap training, which is 2 weeks and then either a bunch of extra weekends or a ten day course. After that it just depends on the trade and the dates. I managed to get all of my CMSR/Gap and my CMT3(TA) (I'm a medic and thats a trade course) in about 4months, but that was because I could take the time off. There are other people in my unit who did their CMSR(TA) before me but still aren't trade trained or even fully trained soldiers yet.
    In the end it's down to timing and if you can get the time off.
    Your best bet is to ask at yourunit or at least give us some info to work with.

    T C
  5. I wasn't asking for myself, just curious about the trades in general...but thanks for the info, it has partially satisfied my nosiness!
  6. I would depend on which regiment/corp you are in.... Parasubmarineunderwaterknifefightingpilot course is a lot shorter and simpler than say the Siggies AS Op(RR). In my mob it takes around seven weekends for all trades except tech... Wow that's fast.

    edited for fun and kicks.
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  8. Well if you miss off the 1 week Cat C driving it is (and add another week if u can't drive)

    p.s. operator trades (inc supervisors) take far longer than techs
  9. Well if you take into account driving then it can take >5 years for one now ex ED who gave up trying...