Time for TEA? Does it still exist?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Does Training Expense Allowance still exist?

    When I was in during the last century we could claim T.E.A. if we had to go to the TAC from work and therefore needed to get a meal out because we couldn't get home in time for one.

    This circumstance applies to me and to a lot of others I would imagine.

    Our Pay Clerk had never heard of it. Is it still available?

    If Drill nights are going to be C1 then it might help a bit for those who it applies to.
  2. Yes mate, claimable on JPA. About £3 max I think.
  3. Back in the dim and distant past, TEA and travel were all that you got for attending a drill night.

    When they introduced the 1/4 days pay for 2 hours work, that was a bonus.

    However, as pretty much all drill nights are to be C1 training until Apr 10, T&S and TEA will not be claimable (as I read it).
  4. I think it was nearly that much 20 years ago! :) Chips and fishcake it is then!
  5. If Transport isn't paid I just won't be going, no question. Costs me about £20 to get there and back.
  6. Ours are C2, we get paid but no travel money.
  7. If drill nights are paid, it is because the training conducted falls under one of the exemptions to the new rule and T&S should be paid as well.

    If it doesn't, it should be C1 - and no T&S.