time for stricter controls?

just seen this on the BBC i know it goes on with many dogs having ears cut off so they can't be ID'd and thrown out in the moors with muzzles on so they can't eat. Along with another load of horrible ways of finishing them off. Surley the Race track onwers and trainers should be more accountable and the sport more legistaled so that the welfare of the dogs is put first as many are raced with broken bones ect. then dumped once they have finished racing
While animal cruelty should be dealt severley !

This story about killing the Greyhounds after they have seen the end of their usefullness,
is dare I say a pile of sh*te.

I mean is it any different for the Tax payer funded dog pound killing dogs because they
cant find owners ?

Its a good thing though, I hate Greyhounds, such an ugly dog :eek:
come to think of it I hate dogs full stop :eek:
Why is it a pile of sh1te been quite a few convictions of trainers who bumped the dogs off in nasty ways the place arent even deinying it's taking place. yes I'm interested as I've a lurcher how's had a kicking or 2 in the past from her previous owner hate animal crultey and tyhe current laws are a joke
Dont get me wrong I hate animal cruelty,

As long as its quick and painless, it should be fine.

No one will particulary re-home these dogs, anyway.
Greyhounds, unless they have been brought up in a family environment as a pet, do not do well being re-homed. My aunt had a Greyhound that had been rescued after it had finished it's racing life and it was the most viscious, evil animal you have ever known. It attacked anything smaller than itself and even tried to have a go at me. Racing greyhounds are good racing dogs because they are have the blood lust. At the end of the day they are chasing that hare because they want to kill it. It is the same with fighting dogs like Pit Bull Terriers. Any dogs that are rescued should be put down, if only for their own welfare. Word of warning, if you do decide to rehome a racing greyhound, do not let them anywhere near small children! I am a dog lover (not literally, before the innuendo starts flying), but there are some breeds which are so highly strung they can be very dangerous in the wrong environment.

Peace Out.
I don't dispute what your saying about your aunt's dog but they don t have a "blood lust" at all they have a chase instinct as do most dogs. The Instinct for them to chase if thy have it (and many don't) this then trained into them they see it as a game. Loads of the young dogs who dont want to run ect also end up being killed just to get them off the owners hands often meeting a sad end. The retired greyhound trust do a good job re-homing them. Ihjust poor that thereseems to be litle legistaion as to ownership ect with many being run without correct vet treatment drugged ect once these are tackled then prehaps the numbers of greyhounds needing rehoming will fall they werent just put on the earth to be used and abused by a bunch of pikey scum
Maybe it is time to return to a system of dog registration and licencing. Using microchips, it would allow any dogs found to have been mis-treated in this way to be linked to their owners. We have to register cars and be licenced to use them, why not with animals. It makes the owners accountable for their animal's welfare. It would improve animal welfare no-end. Others would argue that this would drive illicit breeders underground, but in a sport where there is lot of money to be made in legitimate circles, they would end up losing out.

There also needs to be heavy sentencing for people who abuse animals. When people who mistreat animals are routinely given non-custodial sentences and are only banned for a couple of years from keeping animals, it makes a mockery of the claim that we are a country of animal lovers. These people should be imprisoned for longer and banned from ever keeping pets again. Pet registration and licencing would allow this to be enforced.

Peace Out.
racing greyhounds have tattoo's on thier ears they normaly cut them off so the dog cant be traced back to the owner if it were microchips then the'yd just find were the microchip is located and cut it out of the dog>personally I think that anyone convicted of animal cruelty should be banned from keeping animals for life. I suppose the dogs that are destroyed here are the lucky ones ex-reacers here often end up in spain racing in the heat and with serious injury only to end up being hanged :evil:

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