Time for national citizenship service?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Time for national citizenship service?

    NOT military, although I imagine the shear size of the organisation suggested, would be organised along lines that we recognise.

    Get past the inevitable, initial, knee-jerk reaction to the bloke's politics, and give him the 3mins 43secs he takes to describe the idea in the LINK below! (Remember his own party have already sacked him as a Minister, for being too radical).

  2. Good idea, they could call them Komsomols.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed. Have to keep the young 'uns under the thumb, subservient and on message with the Liarbour Politburo party line.
  4. I came up with this ages ago!!

    Admittedly some people went wet and liberal when I suggested service was tied to the vote.

    The interviewer vexes me, if she got her letter and wouldn´t get up, what would I do? Walk in to her fcuking house, turn her bed over and burn it and then kick down the stairs... job jobbed.

    Make it simple for those who might decide staying in bed is more fun.... no citizen service = no fcuking dole.

    Tie citizenship in to the schools...

    ie. Literacy and Numeracy. English must be spoken.
    Civics lesssons on Great Britains history, laws and society.... ie our general "Greatness!".
    One afternoon of service per week for a one term. (My school did this).
    Attain the Duke of Edinburgh´s award at Bronze (maybe Silver) level.

    Followed by a two year National Service (not all military).

    Works for me.
  5. I'd go with all of that except the two year service bit. Six months would be enough, non-military. The key benefit would be to get people out of their ghettoes and mixing with people from all over the contry. Put them in group accommodation renovating canals or cleaning hospitals, start work at 8, 6 days a week, and get them to tired to go drinking or fighting , during the week at least.

    If you want any form of social cohesion in this country then people have got to mix, at an early age. This sort of scheme would force it to happen, where it will never happen voluntarily.
  6. "Service guarantees citizenship"

    Just like in starship troopers. :D
  7. Evening "chocolate_frog". Have you got a LINK please?

    I did do a search on ARRSE for "national service" - before posting - and, didn't find anything similar. If appropriate I will ask the MODS to merge the threads. RCT(V).
  8. The book or the film?
  9. Could be wrong but didn't the Boxheads have something like this for people that didn't want to go into the Bundeswehr back when they had conscription? Either way whilst it might have some useful benefits it's something that just doesn't sit right with me introducing it over here.
  10. Nope like the real world with the USA open to everybody from any country can serve in the Mil and then get citizenship. (if their security is oK) :D

    Speaking to a RAF chap -12 yr Cpl (flyer) he was looking to cross over to the US AF as are many of his mates. Sick of Op tours and shite pay and conditions and the other side of the pond is looking better and better then UK I guess.
  11. good idea and lets face facts the pwoers that be need to find something for the young to do as there arent any jobs for them now the eastern europeans do them!!

    They can fiddle the unemployment figures as they people will not be unemployed making things look rosey ...........

    On a plus side it would teach the young new skills and such old out dated consepts like social responcibilty - self respect and pride - and heres where the do gooders will bemoan the loudest self discipline ..............

    Of course we all know that as soon as its made really all the various "groups" will kick up a fuss and as such the muslims will be excused on religious grounds and the wesy indians on racist grounds and the poles on lack of vodka grounds - meaning only working class white kids will end up being sucked in ..........
  12. and rupert and co would **** off on a gap year or internship in washington :roll:
  13. I would like to say the book...but have not been able to locate one in my local waterstones, though I hear it's good.

    But the film is such a classic - so many scenes of cinematic genius :D

    In all seriousness, I do take your point about tieing the vote to some sort of (community?) service. IMHO I think it's a great way to demonstrate the notion that every citizen has to earn certain rights by being responsible in the first place.
  14. My bold.
    Order it from Amazon:

    Starship Troopers book on Amazon
  15. Amazon is the way ahead.... i tis a good book.

    The film wasn´t bad but didn´t explore the concepts raised as much as it showed boobies in co-ed showers (something else we could bring in? :D )

    One problem straight off, is that if you only give citizenship to those who serve, you can´t deny them the chance to serve.... ie we have to find jobs to do.

    Re getting out of it.

    Er no. No exclusions. Disabled, abled, black or green, rich or poor. Rupert and co would merely find a stint waiting for them on their return.