Time for England to ditch Scotland?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AndyPipkin, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Yes, immediately

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  2. Yes, but not yet

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  1. Couldnt agree more. Im sick of carrying you lot on my back.

  2. God, not this again. Within a few postings it'll be a pointless slagging-off thread more suited to the Arrse hole than in here.

    Prove me wrong, please.
  3. Absolutely, it's healthy for both nations to be controlled by their own leaders rather than the Scots that have taken root in Westminster ordering us to pay higher taxes for free extra deep fried mars bars north of the border.

    That the sort of thing you were looking for, Lucky Jim?
  4. well it does seem daft for them to have 2 parliaments. Lets cut them loose and get the barbed wire out! Can we do the same to wales too, id hate to be discrimanatory!!!!
  5. "Porrige Wogs?" What a disgraceful comment, I'm sure there are millions of ethnic minorities who will be deeply insulted that they have been compared to The Scottish! This is the type of bigotted entry that will lead to you being banned. It isn't The Scots fault that they all stink of pee and cabbage is it?
  6. Trying desperately to keep the thread on track.

    Is it even possible for Scotland to go it alone? Do they have or could they get enough cash/trade to keep afloat?

    They can't rely on the oil or if they try to tax it too heavily then the companies that run the rigs will just start piping it via somewhere else.

    There are only so many tartan covered haggis that the Yanks and Japs will buy.

    Is it financially feasible for Scotland?

    Edited to add..

  7. Back again I see Herrenbloke.

    Fellows, this is Current Affairs not the Naafi , leave the PW comments out of it.
  8. HB? What DO you mean, I heard he was killed in a nasty democracy accident. I did complain about the PW comments... (Can't do right for doing wrong)
  9. Surely the question is if England could go alone. As I said in a previous thread, 20% of the British Army are scots. Almost all the oil comes in through Scotland and it would be too expensive to re-route. Nowhere to send illegal immigrants (cant see Belfast or Cardiiff appealing to them). Just because they could not conquer the country is no excuse to cast it adrift. Where would the gippos get their lucky heather.
    Think of all the things you would lose, haggis, scotch, the skirl of the pipes, professional violence, early death, deep-fired mars bars, Dundee (no great loss to anyone).

    No, England could not manage
  10. So what you're saying is, if we use 80% of the British Army to invade Scotland we can easily defeat the 20% that will try to defend it, and then have one big England. No need for loss of oil revenue etc, and no more two parliaments.
  11. Well a 20% cut in the military at one fell swoop with no cost would give our Tone a fcuking hardon.
  12. The average Englishman in the home he call his castle slips into his national costume, a shabby raincoat, patented by Chemist Charles Macintosh from Glasgow, Scotland.

    En-route to his office he strides along the English lane, surfaced by John Macadam of Ayr, Scotland.

    He drives an English car fitted with tyres invented by John Boyd Dunlop, Veterinary Surgeon of Dreghorn, Scotland.

    At the office he receives the mail bearing adhesive stamps invented by John Chalmers, Bookseller and Printer of Dundee, Scotland.

    During the day he uses the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell, born in Edinburgh, Scotland. At home in the evening his daughter pedals her bicycle invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, Blacksmith of Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

    He watches the news on television, an invention of John Logie Baird of Helensburgh, Scotland, and hears an item about the U.S. Navy founded by John Paul Jones of Kirkbean, Scotland.

    Nowhere can an Englishman turn to escape the ingenuity of the Scots.

    He has by now been reminded too much of Scotland and in desperation he picks up the Bible, only to find that the first man mentioned in the good book is a Scot, King James VI, who authorized its translation.

    He could take to drink but the Scots make the best in the world.

    He could take a rifle and end it all, but the breech-loading rifle was invented by Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland.

    If he escaped death, he could find himself on an operating table injected with penicillin, discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming of Darvel, Scotland, and given chloroform, an anesthetic discovered by Sir James Young Simpson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Bathgate, Scotland.

    Out of the anesthetic he would find no comfort in learning that he was as safe as the Bank of England founded by William Paterson of Dumfries, Scotland.

    Perhaps his only remaining hope would be to get a transfusion of guid Scottish blood which would entitle him to ask:

    "Wha's Like Us?"

    Plus we own the oil and gas that you can't live without - sorry.
  13. Rowums - oh shit, never thought of that, though there is a wall and it seems to have worked well for a few thousand years.
  14. Nap6W - WICKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!