Time for another Apache bashing thread on pprune

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WTZ_TWR, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. "3 more Apache pilots resign

    Rumour at Shawbury is 3 experienced Apache pilots have resigned.

    Is life that bad in the apache world or were these 3 at a natural break point?

    will there be slots for more exchanges? I know the NAvy have one, isn't it time the RAF got a look in?

    or looking at the exit numbers should i stay away?"

    If you want to play, QSY to...



    PS -Mods, is it ok to link to the other site? If not, please feel free to edit/delete this post.
  2. I don't find anything surprising in the fact that 3 helicopter pilots are leaving the Army. This may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but there is indeed (wait for it.....) life AFTER the Armed Forces. I know, reading that out loud to yourself may come as a bit of a shock to the system, but it is indeed quite true. I read that thread earlier tonight and laughed at it. Just another crab baiting squaddies. Not exactly front page news.
  3. 60k a year with ATIL springs to mind. :wink:
  4. My point exactly!


    FLIGHT SIMULATOR INSTRUCTORS who are ex-military pilots QHIs and ideally have simulator instruction experience. It is expected that successful candidates will be at the end of a full and successful military career.

    Of course Lee, don't forget the pension on top of that!

  5. Yes, but....
  6. MG,

    Let them sign off first before telling them that.
    It wouldn't be the first time I've heard that ATIL had someone sign off on the promise of a job and then keep them waiting for the 'actual' job to become available. Which ended up in not appearing even after 6 months. Might just have been those early days though.

    My son can fly a simulator, but you still can't beat the real thing.
    60k to give up flying, you're having a laugh!!!

  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Noel Edmonds and Ian Botham can both fly a helicopter, they are both chimpanzees.... whats your point? :D
  8. Silo

    I hear that ATIL actually have a civie (Ex AAC QHI) flying the real Apache around Middle Wallop. I wonder if . . .

    And I should point out that you cannot fly a simultor, it is generally bolted to the floor. Though I do believe you can simulate flying in a simultor !!
  9. MPS man how very shrewd..are you implying that ATIL take over 673 as instructors on CTT? That would then free up all those QHI at wallop to get out into the field. Or maybe they might just all sign off and do it as civvies.

    What came first? The civvy or the squaddy?

    Muttley Out
  10. I call bullshit.
  11. Anybody Apache bods up for a job in the Carribean?


    Half way down the front page and the comments at the foot of the page..
  12. Would that ever happen Muttley, I suspect that many would probably have to pay back lots of bounty pennies, earned by being aircrew in the Army.
  13. Hardly mpsman.. £18k (after tax for NCO aircrew) here or there isn't going to make much difference in an aviation career. A lot of people have put that money away earning interest so that WHEN they pay it back they might have earned a few quid, some haven't even bothered claiming it. I'm sure that if the right job came along most people wouldn't find it too difficult to pay any FRI payments back, they would just have to sell the yacht or rent out one of their residences.
  14. £18K was that it, Pah I thought they had recieved a decent payment. I can understand why some have not bothered to claim. It is hardly worth the effort to pen the paperwork.

    And I thought there was money to be made in aviation !!