Time for an Inter-Allied Commando?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by angular, May 23, 2007.

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  1. In WWII there was No. 10 (Inter-Allied) commando, with soldiers from all over, including Germany. Isn't it time we raised another similar unit?

    It could take volunteers from all over Europe, trained soldiers only of course, get them Commando-trained and give them the opportunity to work for Britain on ops.

    I know the French have tried it, but this would be a proper fighting unit :twisted:
  2. This must be Tony Bliar sounding out for a European Army. Why should we have foreigners in a British Commando?
  4. Foreigners in the British military??? Are you thick? - That would never work! :)

  5. Surely it would be tactical suicide to train a group of men together, get them used to unit tactics - and then have 20% of the force undeployable due to their government holding out a veto on the operation?

    look what happened over invoking NATO clauses on Afghanistan - which nations refused to supply combat troops, which have refused to deploy air support when requested - its only going to work if deployed under central commend independent of national governments with no right of veto, and thats never realistically going to happen

    edit - ah, on rereading I realise you are talking about an equivalent to the foreign legion - havent we already got an organisation like that the legion.
  6. It would never work,they all knock off at 17:00 and if they work a minute past they're on the blower to the Union... :D

  7. The're not foreigners. They are mates :)
  8. You can call me a cnut, but don't ever, ever, EVER call me Tony Blair :evil:
  9. When we already have the best commando brigade in the world already - I have to ask the question why? (Quite aside from the fact we can't afford it)
  10. Please God no!

    Only becase it would give Royal Marines even more opportunity to bore us all with their 'they are not proper commandos unless they have done blah blah weeks at Lympstone (instead of op tours of course) and they should not be wearing 'our' beret etc etc ad infinitum.

  11. :D Fair one, sorry I brought it up. :D
  12. Plus No. 10 Commando wasnt a real fighting force as the rest of the commandos were they provided translaters etc and troops for sneaky beaky ops etc
  13. There'll be Irish Regiments next!
  14. I still reckon an extra battlegroup of trained soldiers would always be welcome. There MUST be some in Greater Europe who would welcome a proper operational tour. A company group from the Bundeswehr, a fire team from Belgium, it all adds up...