Time for an "Immigration/ Emigration/ Expat living" forum?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by 4(T), Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. Given the recent sub-division of some old forums and the new separated lists of forums, I wondered if there was now space and demand for an "Immigration/ Emigration/ Expat living" section somewhere?

    On the demand side, it seems to me that a good number of civilian & serving Arrsers who:

    - are in fact already living abroad, either working, retired, or on questionable procurement missions in South-East Asia;

    - looking at going abroad for work or emigration (I think every single tax payer of my acquaintance is currently looking at fleeing the country...);

    - have been abroad and have acquired a non-EU husband/wife/partner, or have obtained one mail order, and who want to know about UK immigration and naturalisation.

    I suppose such a forum could also incorporate any other "offshore" topics such as property, banking, law or other areas where pooled Arrse wisdom might be useful.

    Is this a runner, or should I just shut up and go and have my dinner?
  2. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Sounds like a good idea to me. Would sit well in the 'Life' forums.
  3. I'm expat, 23 years, have a foreign (from my point of view not hers) woman, and am looking to go further afield in the next few years.
    I can't see it being hugely subscribed but as an advice section or interchange of info it might well have a place. People are always asking for 'anyone been to.....?' so this might help out.
    Though is this not already covered by Travel?
  4. Having made the move to canukland I think it'd be a good idea.
  5. Thirty years of servitude in the city of light for me. Would rather be back home. Can't imagine anyone else wanting to move here voluntarily (insert your own white flag joke).
  6. Living and working in Cork Ireland three years now.

    People knowing you are ex (Brit) Forces can cause a few problems over here, (can't think why...) so I tend to keep my gob shut, however it would be good to know if there are anymore of us in this otherwise excellent part of the planet.

    Double secret (underground) Remembrance Day anyone?

    I would lean towards an expat forum.
  7. I grew up in Africa, India & Sri Lanka, then spent much of my life in other various parts as civvie and soldier. Couple of business ventures in Iraq and other delightful spots. Father has lived in Spain for 20 years.

    16 years on-and-off in Russia; came back with a souvenir - the now Mrs 4(T) - and we spent about three years getting her settled in UK and finally naturalised as a British subject*.

    Now stuck in UK and desperately seeking another overseas contract in Russia, Middle East or elsewhere, with a view to emigrate to Canada as soon as we can offload our UK property and commitments.

    I think an expat forum would be quite a good call; lot of people out there keen to pick the brains of someone who is out on the ground or who has been through one national bureaucracy or another. I guess expat topics cuts across many other forums including "travel", "Law", "Property", NAAFI, etc.

    *(Can only discuss this after taking strong tranquillisers. Yes - the UK immigration system doers actively impede those who are white, Christian, security vetted and higher-rate UK tax payers; it is clearly designed to fast-track through vast numbers of undocumented asylum seekers and economic migrants from Africa and the near East.)
  8. Good idea. I've been an expat for a number of years in a number of countries. Happy to contribute. In fact, I'm happy to moderate so that people can complain about my Martinet approach to discipline on the internet.
  9. currently based in Spain and working in Egypt, sounds good to me
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Good idea. I am giving serious thought to relocating permanently to SE Asia.
  11. Yikes-I had better reconsider my move to the Cotswolds.
  12. I'd certainly retire there, much cheaper to live and the weather is more to my liking.
  13. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Well after much thought the Living Overseas forum is now up and running. Any thoughts for threads that we could move in there to make it a little less empty?

  14. Is the Forum title inclusive enough to cover the sort of issues we sketched out above? E.g. it seems to me that the first post - being about UK nationality/ domicile/ residency - is the exactly the sort that needs to attract attention under the "immigration" tab.
  15. No way JJH, there will be no problem finding a residence etc.
    Of course you will be the only Anglo-phone there though (they all left to live in Spain apparently)!

    On a lighter note, I think the idea is sound, as there is clearly an interest, as well as the fact there being a font of knowledge on most such matters relating to emigration (like the "joining the Canadian Police Thread" a few months ago. Informative and a damned good read and I do not even want to ve a copper!)