Time for an Armed Forces Federation?

Time for an Armed Forces Federation?

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It is clear that from the many posts on this forum and from the recent imposition of an arbitrary and unfair pensions and compensation scheme with no consultation, there are many areas of grievance shared by military personnel to which MOD pays no heed.

Is it therefore not time to establish an Armed Forces Federation. This is not contrary to QRs, as the House of Lords Defence spokesman stated on 16 April 2002, in a debate initiated by the late Brigadier Lord Vivian:

there are no provisions in Queen's Regulations that either forbid or expressly permit the formation of a union to represent service personnel
Also there is a European Council ruling that states that EU member nations should allow military personnel trade union representation iaw Article 11 of ECHR, with a bar on industrial action.

I think this would be a giant step forward, with no impact on operational efficiency.
I voted FOR the motion above.

As avid users of this site will recall, I am hardly a 'pinko', and I have always felt (over the past 13 odd years) that 'the system' has our interests at heart - even if they are very well hidden. :D

Lately, however, I get the impression that we are becoming more and more marginalised. One might say that this is merely maintaining the status quo, and then feel obliged to quote a certain Rudyard Kipling poem.

Whilst I feel that TB has been good for the Army (individually), he has been badly let down by some of his cronies (Buffoon, Prescott et al).

On the whole, I would welcome a forum of some kind to allow the Army to express matters of concern in such a way that they would be heard (at least).

Otherwise, this site is going to remain the only way to allow us to blow off steam! :D

PS I bet some muppet makes a comment like: There already is an Armed Forces Federation - but I knew what you meant! :D
They have a forum, somewhat similar (!) to this one. You have to log in to ArmyNET using your actual details - hence I suspect that the vast majority wouldn't care to use it - and I can't say I blame them! :D

The feedback from the CGS' Briefing Team is also on the site - which should give a warm, cosy feeling that Jacko is up-to-date with our corporate concerns.

In the meantime, folks, you should continue to rely on the chain of command!! :D
I am considering taking this issue further and am writing to my MP to have the following questions (or something along these lines) raised:

1. Will the Ministry of Defence accept the Council of Europe Recommendation 1572 (2002) 11 which recommends that full time members of the Armed Forces are granted the right to association with a prohibition on the right to strike?

2. Will the Ministry of Defence or single service commands instigate disciplinary action against personnel wishing to exercise their right to association?

3. Will the Ministry of Defence officially recognise any association of armed forces personnel for the purposes of consultation as afforded to those associations representing civilian MOD personnel?

4. Will the Ministry of Defence recommend that the Armed Forces Pay Review Body recognises any association of armed forces personnel, in the way that employers recognise civilian associations for pay bargaining purposes?

Any comments, helps or suggestions? I have days to do in the Armed Forces, have no career to speak of, and am keen on taking this further.
Do it - I have no problem with this, as long as any new legislation doesn't affect our ability to do our job, and in no way affects service cohesion.

I would draw the line at going on strike, but that's just me! :D

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