Time for a public inquiry?

Right, that's enough!

Gulf War Syndrome is being denied by HMG despite scientific evidence to the contrary, troops were sent into Iraq without sufficient equipment (NBC suits, respirator canisters, body armour, ammunition), there were yet more blue-on-blue incidents, the MoD is bankrupt with massive cost overruns, Deepcut is in the news once again, overstretch means that the between-tours interval is a joke, the infantry are set for massive cutbacks which will destroy the regimental tradition, the new pensions scheme is a disgrace, the House of Commons Defence Committee and the National Audit Office are constantly critical of the MoD.......etc. I could continue, as could all of us on this site.

It is now time for a public inquiry (do we still do Royal Commissions?) into the state of the nations' defence and there must be a moratorium on restructuring until it is complete

Will any of the political parties sign up to this?
I doubt any of the political parties will sign up. Much as I detest Blur and I do. The great unwashed of UK follow him. Why ? lack of education, one of Old Labours first targets, destroy the education system and the masses will beleive what ever you choose.
At first I thought....Royal Commission into the nation's defence? As a whole? Don't be daft!

But actually, MrPVRd, you have a good point. The whole issue of defence is riddled with problems and scandals, from massive cost over-runs to cutbacks to murders to ministerial cowardice to bullying to overstretch...

But, but but but, look at how recent inquiries have gone - Butler, for example. Nobody really to blame, it was all just a bit unfortunate. The following inquiry by the senior civil servant (I forget his name) into the actual intelligence came to a similar conclusion, as have other reports. If it's not liked, it's ignored (a la Burns, Surrey Police's Deepcut report).

And if it turns out anything like the Bloody Sunday inquiry, then that would just be more cost over-runs, delays, cowardice, incompetence and cover-ups.

Mind you, if Bloody Sunday is anything to go by, the moratorium on restructuring would last at least 10 years... :wink:
The question should be at what point will someone with enough clout and balls get off his arse and make public the total shambles that is being forced on the UK's armed forces? Will manning become so overstretched that it takes the massacre of a large number of soldiers to make people see that forces have been cut to the point of endangering all who serve? Will the military realise that you should go to the guy who uses the equipment and get his imput before getting some half soaked bofin to re-design a new radio or weapon. Lets face it this is an institution that gets rid of a man at the point he is most knowedgeable!! How do you get the a**holes in parliment to wake up and smell the coffee!!! :(
OldChap stated
At first I thought....Royal Commission into the nation's defence? As a whole? Don't be daft!
No need for Royal Commission which are governments way of sending problems to back of the queue. There is a general election coming which is far more effective than a bent commission. p.s. by bent commission I do not mean my last OC!
doctordeath said:
How do you get the a**holes in parliment to wake up and smell the coffee!!! :(
Well, I suspect that the coffee would need to be brewed as strong as possible to stand a chance of being noticed over the smell of all those a**holes who live there.

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