Time for a new (to me) car. Small Jap one?


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Regarding your warranty
Update on my original question - I picked this up today.

A Hyundai i10, registered in March 2018, 9.5k on the clock, purchased from a dealership. It was originally on for £6400. I px'd my 2009 Ford Focus which had a 177k on the clock for £600.00, bringing the cost down to £5800.00

In addition the garage, a Vauxhall dealership gave me 12 months warranty, 12 months RAC, an MOT & a service.

Slightly different experience from a diesel estate, but pleasant enough to drive, and I can fit it into my garage....just got to remember not to misfuel it...

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Many thanks for the advice.

Regarding the warranty You will get whats remaining of the manufacturer warranty with hyundai its 5 years and unlimited milage. So forget the vauxhall warranty

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