Time for a new Graphics card?

AUSUS G1Sn-X1 with a Geforce 9500M GS card


Methinks my graphics card is playing silly buggers and dying on me...

During startup and for a couple of seconds after booting onto desktop, everything is fine.....but then all the colours just switch over to black and white?....no wierd graphics effects and works fine on all software except it will no longer produce colours.

Does this sound like the card is on its way out?
Possibly. It could also mean a fault on the motherboard.

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers as a quick test? You might be lucky and just have a corrupt driver.

Alfter that try a spare card if you have one.
Cheers Mikal.

Did as you suggested about completely wiping the drivers and reinstalling......its now working fine.

Better than spending £250 to replace the card.
At least you got that sorted. I would make the assumption that your talking about a laptop anyway, in which case more than likely can't replace the graphics card anyway. That is based on the card being a 9500m (m nomally meaning mobile).

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