Time for a new car - Audi S4 2005-2006 - any experience?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Skunkmiester, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I currently own a Peugeot 407 3.0 GT Coupe. Very nice car, goes pretty well and has all the toys that I want on it.

    However it was always a short term car for me and I now fancy something a bit more daft to drive. I have a VW T4 that I have for transporting Kayak's, MTB's, motorbikes around and for glamping etc so load space is not an issue.
    A guy up the road has a 2004 S4 Estate and the sound of that is just amazing and looking at the specs it probably drives like it sounds.

    So as space is not an issue, I'm looking for a S4 Cabriolet, for the noise, speed and toys. Has anyone had one? If I am looking at a 2005-2006 version with 50-80,000 on the clock is it a ticking time bomb? Is there anything I should look out for? Apart from being called a hair dresser.
  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Hair dresser .... Boooom !
  3. just speed cameras,:) normally rock solid just make sure the service history is complete from Audi at that age its too young for the independents
  4. Think yourself lucky, im looking for Renault Grand Espace now!!
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  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Suicide. We have all thought about it. You can hang yourself, but what if you do not snap your neck and end up thrashing about and pissing yourself? Pills? Might work, or you could spend days in intensive care going yellow and fading away like an enemy of Vladimir Putin. Shoot yourself in the head. But what if you miss and shoot the budgie?

    Or buy a Peugeot and die of shame?

    It is a ******* no-brainer, eh chums?
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  6. If you can spanner, it will cut down on the considerable stealership servicing prices. Nice cars and not too hard to work on yourself. Never had on, but then again I'm a BMW V8 fan myself.
  7. My mate has just bought one of those, very good for a family car, a lot of nice little touches and more cubby holes than you can shake a stick at. I went VW T4 that I am modifying as my family wagon, so the Audi is for my fun car.
  8. Used to think the same till I drove the 407 Coupe. It's not made of plastic like a standard 407 if it didn't have a Peugeot badge it would have a lot more resale value. But it drinks like a fish for medium performance, so I want a car that drinks like a fish for silly performance. Next step up from the Audi will be a Cayman but that will have to wait.
  9. Do you fancy a Puegeot 407 3.0 V6 GT Coupe? :)
  10. Nah, i need a people carrier as im all over Britain now at swimming contests with kids so need something more practical, and better fuel economy as it costs a fortune!!

    However if anyone does have a decent MPV and wants to swap for an Impreza STI , pm me!