Time for a laugh

In my area, we have had a murder, two local gangs have been at each other, and a couple of weeks ago one was stabbed to death, then a spate of attacks on cars, resulting in about 30 cars vandalised, then a fire crew was ambushed and bricked and bottled.

So what, well the local community police heard that some residents were so fed up with the lack of response by the Police that they were rumbling about taking the law into their own hands.

Police response, they have offered the Scrotes 'panic Alarms' so to call for the police if they feel threatened at their houses. Note its the scrotes who are getting Police protection :?

Would be even funnier if this wasnt in the local magazine, nice to know that the perpatrators of crime, now get police protection. How about locking us up and letting the scrotes walk safely on the streets 8O
This is a serious anti-crime initiave and should not be mocked. Remember, 'Tough on the causes of crime'.

Well, this is part of it. You have money that the chancellor desperately needs so you can pay the fine and increase police detections. The yoofs don't have money and are likely to be from disadvantaged backgrounds ie; having a TV which is less than 50" . Birds 2 Stones 1. Ms J Smith is to be commended.

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