Time for a coup?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by siggie47, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. I know we are not supposed to talk about things like overthrowing president Bliar but when are the Officer Class of the UK going to say enough is enough and do a little lamp post decorating in Downing Street? I am sure there are enough disgruntled serving an ex-service people in this country who have had enough of bowing down to the politicaly correct left wing agenda of this mob of shysters. All we need is a lead from the top and we will be on the streets. What good have this mob done in ten years? They have destroyed the Armed Forces, the NHS and education. Turned the Police Force into the Traffic Taliban, nicking motorists while ignoring rapists, muggers, burglars, illegal immigrants etc. etc. Handed most of the powers of government to europe, allowed kids to be buggered and banned fox hunting. I cannot think of one positive thing they have done. The time for a Military Coup has arrived!
  2. I take it you want to spend quite some time in a smelly horrible prison then........ :roll:
  3. All the parties are as bad as one another though. Life isn't that bad in Britain, especially if you're a single teenage mother, lazy scrounging dolie, chav or asylum seeker. They are the people that count, not us scumbags in the forces.
  4. Although I agree with your sentiments I do not think the the boss will let us, no matter how much she hates him. Also we are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, incase you had'nt noticed.
  5. If that is what it takes. If the micks can fight for so called freedom from the UK, are we Brits Lesser men? Are we going to give up our country without a struggle? I don't belive we are.

  6. heheheh thats gotta be the best response ive ever heard....
  7. The trouble is fella most 'brits' dont actually give a toss about whats going on in the world or our country.
    As long as they get their benefits cheque, the sky TV is still working and the police dont seize their dog. Its a case of 'Im alright jack'
    Sad but true........
  8. After all the local 15year old mother of three has contributed to the National Wealth and should be given preferential treatment on housing and benefits. If it weren't for chavs like her , you lot couldn't get up on the soapbox and whine how poorly we get treated.
    Remember WE ALL volunteered, WE have a sense of humour,WE are used to being shafted by HMG, and, WE keep letting them do it.
    Ithink the thought police may leave me alone now
    Doubt it but never know :lol: :x
  9. Gee! Thanks! Dzerzhinskiey, remind me to buy you a beer!
  10. I would like all the problems sorted out and the oxygen thief’s to be in a lower priority group than those who work/serve but this borders mong.
  11. One Abbotts it is! Its that dammed Christal Meth, it gets me proper mazed it do!
  12. Damn I was all in favour of a coup!! I could just see myself driving a challenger over Two Jags

    Not that i would have the remorest idea which end of a Chally to get into let alone drive!! Even the Thai army managed a small military coup!!