Time for a comedy revolution. Suggestions for new comedy.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jumping Jack, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Posted elsewhere but seems it could make a thread of its own. We all feel the pain.

    A lot/most of modern comedy shows and stand-up I see everywhere is the anxiety-ridden form of modern comedy derived from TV show formats such as Seinfeld, Friends etc. A lot of Jewish writers, producers and investors have contributed to these shows ensuring their form of uncomfortable and awkward 'comedy' permeates most Western cultures these days. I, for one, am a little bored of it after ten years of it. OR its simply swearing and being angry about some nonsense.


    Miranda, Friday Night Dinner, Seinfeld, Ask Jim, Raymond, Friends, most modern BBC/Channel 4, Ricky Gervais factory of shite. Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell and even sadly people like Rhod Gilbert even tho I like him generally.

    Time for a comedy revolution comrades. It is time!

    :numberone::) Could also be a good thread in which to name, post clips and praise new comedy. I can't think of many but I will do as I have my eyes and ears open. I nominate:

    The Now Show. Really good topical comedy on Radio 4, well-written scripts. (If a bit formulaic now.)

    Brian Regan...he may be more of the same (bit like Will Ferrel etc) but am trying his material Brian Regan (The Epitome Of Hyperbole) Full Show - YouTube
  2. .
    How about one based in a NAZI Concentration camp? Surely enough times passed now for us to have a pop.
  3. A kind of Allo Allo meets prisoner cell block H programme?
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  4. I forgot to add 'with Dads Army'
  5. More neurotic based humour though? Shirely? "Oh no, its inspection time and I've got Goldstein's gold up my ass! GOLDSTEIN, why I oughta...!!!!"

    they came close back in '65 a colour episode for your enjoyment sir: Hogans heroes S1 E3 - YouTube
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  6. Comedy revolutions. What's that all about, then?
  7. Its like not, err, so...not kinda...(shrugs to camera) (canned laughter)

  8. [​IMG]

    Does this help?

  9. My comedy tastes are quite eclectic, I find some of Ricky Gervais' stand up funny but want to kick him to death most of the time, I used to piss myself laughing at Monkey Dust and The Thick of It but still think Porridge is quality. I'll chuckle like Muttley at Tim Vines belt-fed one liners but still roar like fuck at videos of pornstars been trolled, choked and generally abused on eFukt.

    The one thing I do know is that American sit com's are fucking bonk.
  10. I think that a lot of comedy is lazy.... always has been... and prone to trendy reference points.

    In the 80s, all one had to do was to reference Thatcher in a disparaging way and the 'joke' was complete. Some did it well (Alexei Sayle), others less so (Ben Elton) and others are still doing a variation on the same theme (Jeremy Hardy).

    It's a pity really, as Jeremy Hardy has a finely tuned mind, great powers of observation and good timing, he just seems to be too agenda driven. Ben Elton was soon revealed as a stand-up who had only one tool in the box.
  11. Perhaps this should be reshown. All the PC crap and sensitivites stiffles humour.


    Also perhaps a sitcom about surburban life in Sarajevo in '94. A episode of a trip to the market would be fun

    I would find it funny to watch Channel 4's The Family starring the Qatada's.
    Abu the dad can't work, use the internet or preach hate, but still manages to raise 5 kids on benefits, all the time resisting deportation. Watching how his frustrations of simple day-to-day house arrest and desire for Sharia law spill into domestic violence as he knocks his loving and loyal wife around the house.
    Would be hilarious :)

    The Family - Channel 4
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  12. Word to the wise...'The Thick of It' is on tv channel Dave every Friday at 10pm for a few weeks from now. Uncut with all the fantastic swearing at the useless civil servant public relation obsessed automatons we get when we elect a political party into power. I think its very good and a different take on the usual comedy format. Ianuchi done well, although I thought his own show bombed, I tried a DVD of it.
    The Thick of It also did a series in the USA called In The Loop. In The Loop (The Best of Malcolm and Jamie) - YouTube
    Very good and has the bloke from The Sopranos as a military, Pentagon type goon.

    But Ianuchi is 'furious' about the US remake of The Thick of It.
  13. I rather think that "In the Loop" was a "one off" British film spin-off of "The Thick of It" rather than a US series.

    I have the DVD.
  14. correct yeah I have it too, i thought the DVD was in episodes ready for TV series-isizing, cereal-making. It may just be one long 'film' I havent watched it in a while.
    I'll watch that Nazi sit-com in a bit when i have a few mins. Its what's been lacking on TV I think.
  15. Some of Gervais' stuff is ok but he does strike me as a snidey cunt. The best humour is at other people's expense.

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