Time for a change!!!

Hi guys, im currently a pte in xxx [MOD edit: FFS] reg and getting really pissed off at the lack of goings on.All my pals in the other rlc units seem to be doing things all the time whilst ive been inactive now since before christmas, im thinking of transferring and as im now 32yrs old was thinking of either artillery or infantry so i could get on a tour.Im birmingham based so as theres no artillery units local do you guys know of any national units and has anyone had any experience with artillery (i.e chances of tours,whether they have much going on)....cheers guys
210 Bty is in Wolverhampton, is that too far ?

210 Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers)
106 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers)
Wolseley House
WV10 9QR
Tel: 01902 731841

However they are on camp this weekend for 2 weeks but I'm sure someone will be around

As for tours, very busy at the mo, there was a commitment to Iraq which has now transferred to Afghanistan, at least one lucky sod went to both on one tour

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