Time for a change on FAS?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yorkie, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. The Secretary of State for Defence and The Chief of General Staff both announced that the cuts in Future Army Structures were based on normalisation continuing in Northern Ireland. Indeed, the withdrawals from Northern Ireland were directly cited as the reason that four infantry battalions would no longer be needed in the British Army.

    With the recent bank heist and The Northern Ireland Secretary's statement that, "any deal has now been completely cast asunder", a view supported by both Irish and British Governments, where does this leave Future Army Structures? Will we see the cuts halted or will they continue in blatant disregard of this change in situation?

    In my view, Q4 applies, let's look at it again...
  2. If Gerry and Martin were caught in a pile of the corpses of buggered and decapitated schoolchildren with axes in their hands and their cocks hanging out, it wouldn't change the so called "normalization" in N.I.
  3. This Government, sorry TBliar, wants "normailisation" in NI at any cost. So are willing to overlook any "minor" misdemenour perpretrated by the "now our friends" IRA :roll:

    So don't expect any review into binning 4 Infantry Battalions, it'll carry on regardless, so TBliars new vision of Britiain will be fulfilled :evil:
  4. I have to agree - FAS is based on cost-cutting and normalisation is based on Blair sticking his fingers in his ears and chanting "la la la I can't hear you everything is fine vote for me as I've solved the NI problem"
  5. You can guarantee that within hours of the bank robbery, some informer or other will have more than likely told the authoritities that the 'RA' were responsible. This information will have gone to the top of the PSNI, the NI Office and indeed the very top of the government quicker than a dose in a whore house. To that end, the statement by the Chief Constable will have been well founded. Gerry and the NI Minister for Education will know that we know it was them, but will continue to issue their ridiculous 'holier than thou' protestations to the contrary.

    The problem is, TBliar will go to such extremes as to not disrupt the peace process that SF/PIRA can pretty much do as they wish. The PSNI have their hands tied, the Unionists will feel an even greater sense of betrayal and the Northern Ireland Assembly will become as much a reality as Osama Bin Ladin holding a 4th of July BBQ.

    Returning to the theme of this thread, of course FAS will go ahead. So long as TBliar continues to wear his blinkers as far as the province is concerned, there will be even more cutbacks and sellouts to the security infrastructure than ever before. Purely to appease the Republicans. In doing so, further alienating the Unionists. Which leads me rather nicely to the question, who is actually controlling the province politically? TBliar, Ahern or Adams. I feel that Sinn Fein couldn't really give a stuff about the assembly as they are getting exactly what they want already.
  6. I think you'll find that there would have been bigger firearms involved in that case!
  7. Fair one Fas. Have amended by post accordingly.
  8. As an indication of just how much of a blind -eye is being turned to events in the Province last week the "Real IRA" delivered a Proxy-Bomb to a major SF base using a hi-jacked Taxi. Fortunately only the detonator went off and there were no casualties (other than the poor Taxi driver who must be a gibbering wreck by now). I was told about this by a friend living there and I couldn't believe that none of the Media had picked it up at all! Why are we being decieved in this way?