Time for a "Best of The Abbots Club" Thread?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. The Abbots Bar thread is definitely the most popular of the INt COrps forum and is now over 100 pages. Surely it must be time that we had a 'best of Abbots Bar' thread, similar to the best of NAAFI Bar thread?

    That way we can enjoy some of the funnier discussions, piss taking, banter and 'I remeber that' type stories without having to trawl through all those pages.

    Davros, is this practical/achievable?
  2. Yeah not a problem. Start it up and I'll sticky it.
  3. Erm... not really.

    Since the Naafi is far funnier and more diverse with it's subjects. And it is only one thread. It isn't that long a period of time it's covered either?

    What's going to be in it?


    "Two sugars CR."

    Fucking thrilling...
  4. Yeah I'm with G2 on this one. the abbots thread is being used for that purpose, it just so happens most people don't intend on going back and reading through the whole thread again.

    And so how do you intend on setting up this new thread?

    Cause if it's to get the best of the thread then surely that means people are going to sit there and want to read the whole thread again and I'm sure it's not that interesting, is it?

    Or is there someting in the thread that particularly appeals? I mean you could start counting how many times CR's been asked to make people cups of tea or start counting how many sugars/biscuits have been requested?
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'd sooner carve my knackers off with a stanley knife than read through most of that cobblers again. If someone does post anything funny in there, let me know please.
  6. No doubt in my mind that it should be preserved and honoured, as a monument to the banality of office slime-life. A home - honoured, of course - should be found for it in the honourable ARRSE-Hole.
  7. Shouldn't the arrse hole be the original forum it was posted in? That makes sense if you're trying to preserve it. Or were you thinking about quoting everything into this new forum?
  8. I meant if the topic pages were to be kept surely it'd be more useful to keep them in their original place rather than copy and pasting them into another topic page.

    Or does this best of the abbotts club mean something different than that?!
  9. It can't be that good, there's been no posts there since Thursday..........

    Cue numerous posts in the Abbots thread.
  10. It's also been the weekend and people were probably enjoying a bit of time without there computers attached to their fingertips! :)