Discussion in 'Infantry' started by blueface, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. wots the punishment for a absentee whos been awol for 4 years /after handing themself in ??

    booted;fairly quickly
    stag on:?
  2. Just fucking hand yourself in and find out you whinging cunt.

    Stop pissing off everyone on here with the same inane drivel every fucking day.

    Oh, and in case you didn't get the point the first time, you are a cunt.
  3. See the Oxygen thief tag on your avatar... Get a hint!!

    P.S. whilst you're getting the hint get a dictionary as well and learn how to spell
  4. blueface, I've just checked your other posts. You really are a pain in the rear aren't you? It does not matter how many threads you start on how ever many forums you choose, asking virtually the same question. The answer will always be the same: i.e. you'll never know until you hand yourself in.

    What are you worried about? ..... they can't make you pregnant.... unless you're a chick.
  5. And don't forget your Human Rights, you may be entitled to back pay and a bit for trauma because somer ot those nasty soldiers swore at you.

    Try being a man for once in your life .. Front up and face the music.
  6. And get that f**kin bumper goin you 'orrible individual'
  7. Are you suffering from a severe stomach complaint - GUTLESS.


  8. I think you should get booted fairly quickly....... I'd even do it myself if I could.

    BTW there's no 'N' in SLR.
  9. Stay away mate, nobody cares for cowards.
  10. If I where you I'd hand myself in now, the Army is currently doing an amnesty like like the police did a few month ago with knives. the police took the knives and asked no questions. the Army is currently under going an experiment where anyone who has gone AWOl can hand themself into any guard room and (remember this ) quote "current negiotiations 2007 unit terminated2" I believe this goes back to 1942 because of all the draft dodgers during the war who are now close to dieing and want redemption. But, this is the important bit, it is open to current personnel who are AWOL. I belive it runs out on feb 15th ( a cheap army pun on running out of love after valantines day if you ask me.) so I'd advise you to go to your nearest depot/camp and quote CN07UT. You'll probably get a little bit of stick but they cannot really do much to you.

    Please keep us posted on how you got on.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.