Time delay bomb found in a whale

Amazing how little we really know about such large animals eh?
I'm not a gushy eyed tree hugger, :sleepy: (my carbon footprint is bigger than the dent Prescott makes in his mattress :wink: ) but if this story is true it makes you think what we inflict on this planet? :\\

This thing lived for maybe 150 years, most of it in pain with a fecking bomb lodged in a shoulder, thanks to us and then after all that the poor cnut was killed by some fecking pingu feckers. :pissedoff:

I don't care if it is true or not why don't these cnuts leave these creatures alone and just buy fecking captain Birdseye like everyone else ? :pissedoff:

( yes I know a whale is a mammal).

Also don't tell me about their culture, :sleepy: the Danes used to jump in Viking ships and rape nuns in Northumbria, they don't still do that to preserve their culture do they? :roll:

and don't get me started about our Jap friends and their fecking culture, :pissedoff:

Fecking Yo Sushi? :pissedoff: I would fecking wrap them up and put them on a fecking non-stop conveyor belt of pain, the feckers :pissedoff:
frenchperson said:
Khyros said:
Amazing how little we really know about such large animals eh?
Who, Prescott?
He drives around in two Jags, does fcuk all work, takes up oxygen that could be used on more worth while causes. You imagine if there was a bomb inside him, what mess it could cause. Can we conduct an experiment and ensure he's chatting to his mate bLIAR at the time :idea:
Time delay bomb found inside a whale?

Oh God! Blairwitch is not up the spout again, is she?

OLD-BLOKE: Just how is one supposed to mark this as NSFW?
EXRC said:
Time delay bomb found inside a whale?

Oh God! Blairwitch is not up the spout again, is she?

EXRC you've made my day, I'm singing Stevie Wonder and skipping through meadows with joy.

Isnt she pretty
Truly the angels best
Boy, Im so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I cant believe what God has done
Through us hes given life to one
But isnt she lovely made from love
I understand where you are coming from (I think) :twisted: and while that choice of song may suit you, SB, to me a whale song may be more apt.

From Whale sounds, cries, howls, whistles and songs:
"Whales sounds are produced by moving air back and forth through body passages.
These haunting sounds may travel kilometres under water and can be heard above the surface. The intricate vocalisations produced range from high squeaks to low guttural growls, with many being at a frequency so low that they can not be heard by humans [thankfully, in the case of our specimen]."

Or, maybe a whaling song.
From Songs of Greenland whaling heroes.

"There’s some of their owners rather windy in their way
They were originally intended for Botany Bay,
But by some of the clever tricks of the hand
They escaped that though they ought to have been hanged.

There’s Wady in the Enterprise is next to describe,
With their Windybags and Heather Jock and all their other tribe,
Low, mean in their ways and respected by none
By all decent people their company is shun."
But how did we come upon our particular specimen?

Minke Whale-watching (excerpt from Wikipedia)
"... Minke Whales are often the focus of whale-watching cruises ... [and] Minke Whales are frequently inquisitive and will indulge in 'human-watching'.
Minkes do not raise their fluke out of the water when diving and are less likely to breach (jump clear of the sea surface). This, combined with the fact that Minkes can dive [out of sight] for as long as twenty minutes, has led some whale-watching enthusiasts to label them 'stinky Minkes'. The name may also be applied because it is frequently possible to smell the breath of a Minke Whale whilst observing it from a boat."

And from Discovering Whales:

"The Minke whale is the smallest of the rorquals ['raw calls']. The male of the species can grow to a length of 9.8m (32ft) and the female larger at 11m (36ft) and weigh 10 tonnes."
"The Minke whale has a slender streamlined body [sic] with a pointed head and often inconspicuous blow [unless Gordon Brown is speaking at the LabCon].
The head of the whale has an overall triangular shape, a single sharp longitudinal ridge along the top and forward of the blowhole and a narrow pointed snout [for easier freebie trough access].
It has twin blowholes typical of all baleen whales."

While, generally, I agree with conserving wildlife for the benefit of my grandchildren and their progeny, I feel that the Japanese are welcome to the specific specimen in the photograph for whatever scientific purpose they deem fit ... well ... for everything except cloning, that is.

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