Time between TSC(A) and TSC(B)



Sorry I have searched and havent found a definitive answer to my question so if you think its a mong question then I apologise and will go shoot myself!

What is the timescale between TSC(A) and TSC(B) before you have to start all over again?

Can you complete a refresher course?

My problem is that I completed TSC(A) and TSC(Inf) and then had to transfer because of work. I am joining a unit which requires me to do TSC(B) but because of the lengthy transfer I am worried I will have to go back to the start.

Thanks for the advice.

TSC(B) should be started within 8 weeks of finishing TSC(A). If it is more than 8 weeks, you will need to do a refresher weekend (just the one I think). If it's 6 months or more since finishing TSC(A), you will have to repeat the whole thing again.

This applies to RTC (Sc) but comes from ARTD so should be the same across the country.

Hope this helps!


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