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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabOfFire, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Bone question perhaps....

    I completed training back in May and want to deploy on herrick. I'd like to deploy with a regular battalion, so wish to volunteer for a tour but I'm unsure how it would look at my unit.

    I'm massively keen but I don't want them to think I'm getting stuck in too soon. Is it too soon for me to look at a tour?

    *awaits flames*
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Depends on lots of things. Are you fully trained (ie completed trade training if relevant) or just done TA basic recruit training? Have you gained enough experience post basic training to add any form of value to a regular unit, or are you just going to be a training burden for them when you tip up? Do you think your unit (including CO/OC/PSI) would be willing to sign you off as "ready for Ops" on the basis of your performance to date?

    For some people (and trades) your timeline would be too soon, for others perfectly alright. Only you and your unit will know the answer to that one.
  3. Hi Duke,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm Infantry and completed CIC, I've done all the training available since I've completed it.

    Your response has certainly given me a few points to think about.
  4. we like to have recruits in for 12 months before allowing them to deploy, so you may be expected to wait until May 2010.

    oh and incidentally, i see nothing wrong with being keen. in fact i encourage it.
  5. If you're mad keen, get attached to a unit who are looking bods for an Ex. If you're lucky, you'll get Kenya or Belize - good place to start to learn your skillsets required for Afghan. Plus it'll show you how ready you are for a tour.
  6. How do I find out about opportunities to attach with a unit for an exercise?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    (In an msr tone of voice) "speak to your PSI".

    Your PSI can speak to your regular counterparts and find out what is coming up. It will then require your OC/PSAO to approve/seek Bde approval for the additional MTDs required to attend the training.

    It will be invaluable training if a) you can get it and b) it is a decent field exercise
  8. If I were in your situation I would volunteer now. Ignore the nay sayers and crack on. They need bodies and being TA I am sure you bring other qualities apart from your basic training. No harm in trying.
  9. Thanks for your input guys, really appreciated.

    Reference the RAOL, I've looked at this and the OCE and their never seems to be anything for the private soldier. I assume that my PSI will probably have a better idea about opportunities available to me?

    In terms of volunteering, who do I speak to? Is it the PSI again? Or should I speak to platoon sergeant first?
  10. I would be asking people in a roundabout way what the process for TA soldiers in general to offer themselves up for operations. Is there an Admin Order? Do you fill a form in? Who knows. But that is the start of the trail. Hopefully a TA type can tell you. There is a old silly theory about never volunteering. The reverse is true. The CoC is quite likely to put every obstacle in front of any one volunteering to go and do anything unusual or interesting. Take no notice of them.
  11. Well, going on tour is no longer unusual for the TA, although it may be interesting. I'm assuming your vast 8 years of reg experience included a TA attachment, or are you extrapolating based on hideously out-of-date rumours, as usual?

    And the TA CoC putting obstacles in place? Not really - although being inf, he may have to wait until an appropriate composite company is being formed (priority has been being given to designated TA battalions - who may have enough volunteers) if he can't get in as an IA.
  12. Well the guy is still no wiser as to where he can find out what the process/criteria are.
  13. 2 Welsh are looking for bods for OP Tosca...ask PSI to put a bid in.
  14. Mate, for a start ignore duffdike. There's a reason he has that little badge under his name.

    Next step, start asking around. Your chain of command is a good place to start, but I'd be surprised if your PSI and / or PSAO wouldn't answer the question anyway.

    That said, I strongly suspect that the answer is heavily capbadge and unit dependent. Corps like mine send a steady stream out and would have asked you your intentions by now, Inf may well be aiming towards a mass mob at some point in the future. So ask, it's the only way you'll get the correct answer.

    And one other thing that hopefully won't apply, any unit that gives you hassle for asking about mobilisation isn't worth staying in.