time before get to adsc

Hey I have my first interview next week, can any one advise me on how long it could be before I get to adsc. I am trying to work out how long I have to work on my fitness. Thanks for any info.
If it's the formal interview, you will have another one afterwards sometime the same day or a week or so later and then for me personally it took 3 weeks to get to ADSC as i had a holiday booked but it's usually 1 or 2 weeks.
It's once you pass ADSC is when the waiting happens, just get an A and your sorted.
When the interview is conducted you can say that you don't think your fitness is up to it and that you would like more time to prepare, just tell them the truth when it comes to run time, heaves etc.
ok yes think I could do with another month / 6weeks to get my maths up to standard as goin for a tech trade, and run time down as am after geting an A.

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