Time based promotion

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by cunning_stunt, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Constructive, defo cant argue with you about your comment there!!!
  2. Yeah it sux a Cpl in the bottom of the bottom third gets promoted to Sgt because of trade and time based promotion and is pump !!!
  3. x ray tech?????
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  5. Hasnt Gado been a sgt for ages? :D
  6. once upon a time I gave a toss about that attitude, now I earn far too much money to care. :D
  7. Well well, see attitudes have not changed in over 25 years. The only solution is JOIN a tech trade.
  8. Its not only Tech Trades, some bloody people here get promotion for coming to work and going home at the end of the day and adding no extra value to the unit, they dont participate in unit activites, and then reckon they should be promoted because they have done two years in Rank and are at work on time. Grips my Sh1t !!!

    Well personally i think this is piss poor, how can a line manager write a SJAR on a soldier and reccomend them when all they want to do act like the civvies on the wards when they do F**k all apart from goto work.

    Im not against time based promotion but only if the person warrants the thing in the first place and performs like a bloody SNCO.!!!!
  9. sour grapes me thinks, your self analytical placement based on what you consider to be the truth is not always how things are seen by others...
  10. The thorny issue of trying to dovetail the 'clinical' hierarchy effectively with the 'military' hierarchy has troubled the military’s medical services since their inception.

    I remember my first visit to a military ward (DKMH 1995) and asking a SSgt who was in charge, only to be directed to a Pte RGN! Everyone has such tales that highlight the many anomalies that plague our organisational structure (ODPs! Lab Techs! RMNs prior to late 90s! etc, etc). I think we have to accept that our military rank structure is not able to realistically and accurately reflect the professional boundaries, divisions and responsibilities that have to exist in the clinical environment.

    Time promotion is a blunt instrument at best, but what other options exist? With regard to nurses, we are the last NATO nation to persist in recruiting other rank (registered) nurses and for good or ill, in the British Armed Forces (most particularly the Army) you are only judged to be as good as the insignia you wear on your rank slide. Thus many highly experienced and capable professionally qualified clinicians are sidelined and ignored because they have insufficient ‘pippage’. What nonsense. :evil:

    Memories of my khaki days are fading (time is a great healer! :wink: ) but I suspect this thread is yet another example of the schism that separates the ‘Field’ AMS from the PHC/SHC Prof Q’d AMS. Those who ‘Can’t Manage a Trade’ predominate in the Field AMS and delight in any opportunity to put one over their professionally qualified colleagues, so seeing such people getting a leg-up pains them dreadfully. :roll:
  11. Time served promotion has always happened and always will outside of tech trades, as the tossers who get it are useless tw*ts who the OC/CO at the time wants rid of, easiest way to get rid.....promote and post simple as that.

    Venty will be able to identify a few whilst we served together who made a career out of it.
  12. :cry:

    Oi, no fair. I was never bottom third, probably should have been on more than one CR, but luckily someone always managed to fcuk up more than me.

    & i have to mirror longlostlabtech. . . . . .pick your trade!
  13. I agree to some extent, I did and I really cant complain, my dad being Surgeon General certainly didnt have any negative affect on my career either.
  14. I always wondered who that bloke with the candy and cute furry kittens was. :scratch: