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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by liag, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. I'm wanting to leave the army asap but my time bar post class 1 course is causing me problems. Anyone know of any way to get round it. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. It's a bit of a shame that no-one has had a go at this...

    Firstly, if you are in a trade that is in short supply, forget it!

    Secondly, if you have been warned for deployment, forget it, although you can sign off!

    In both cases, you will have to soldier on and serve your time-bar. Remember that, in normal circumstances, you have to give 12 month's notice to quit!

    However, now see your Tp Comd or equivalent and explain the situation. Ask to see the RCMO - or visit him yourself. Lay your cards on the table and explain:

    Why you want to quit?
    That you have thought through the implications? (Have you?)
    What you are going to do outside? (join the police - good, go clubbing in Ibiza - bad).
    Where you are going to live?

    On the upside, it is possible that you will be allowed to leave despite the time-bar. On the downside, your testimonial might say something that will make life difficult in the future! For that reason, you might wish to read QRs - in the area of para 9.414 - these paragraphs explain how one might be discharged from the Army. Most of the paragraphs cover mis-behaviour or pregnancy but none of them cover "suddenly waking up and realising that I don't want to soldier on for less than the minimum wage in an operational environment"! Be aware that even SNLR can be adversely viewed by civilian employers!

  3. Stick 2 pencils up your nose, put some underpants on your head and say "wibble". Might work
  4. If you have a guarenteed job to go to on Civ street you can apply for early release through MCM DIV, took me two weeks to get out! Downside being I forfeited my re-settlement and lost all of my leave, but if you want out and have a job outside you just need to justify that there is no chance of that job coming up again and that is great oppurtunity blah, blah. They can only say yes or no, worth a try! Good luck!
  5. Of course if your CO is Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanny Melchett he will have you shot..

    In the good old days you could just declare undying love for a same sex fellow soldier and bobs your Auntie!!

    These days however, they will probably fix you up in a quarter and promote you.

    You could always join the BNP of course... that will do the trick in ending your military service!!
  6. I know of a SSgt(probably a WO1 now) who was openly a member of the BNP, he was very forthcoming about it when asked (EFP2) - although I accept he could have been full of poo.