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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by yassi260, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. I have been a local Seargeant for 12 months now, although I was paid "payment of higher rank" for the first 6 months I was informed that the Admin office had to re-apply. I then did Op Telic 1 as a local Seargeant  yet still getting paid as a Corporal. Is there a time limit to stay at a local rank? or do I just have to wait for a promotion slot!!
  2. I believe your allowed three periods of 6 months before Manning Records should either fill the post with a Sergent or your CO applies to get you promoted.

    Normally though CO's will wait for the board results and then make an informed decision.

    From what I believe a CO can make any person with Records permision to an Acting rank (automatic Pay), however whilst still acting if you don't get substantive rank you could find yourself posted as your previous rank.

    If you don'y ask and knock on doors you won't get an answer.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. Sorry, I'll answer properly.

    No time limit on Local Rank, as I said I believe 3 x 6 months POHR is the max for the dosh.

    I know a guy that was a L/Sgt for 6 years with POHR as and when vacancies occur, but the max period unbroken was 3 x 6 months.

    With POHR there is normally a vacancy for that job within the Unit, hence the ability to get the pay.

    Local Rank can be given for what ever reason, but normally you the get the rank because the post is available and the money follows suit.

    The 3 x 6 month limit is given so the CO can actually sort it out and either promote someone or get someone else in from the Promtion boards etc etc

  4. On the 1st of April 2003 the rules were changed with regard to Substitution pay and Local Rank.

    Firstly, after the death of Brigadier Saunders, who was assassinated, his widow sued the MOD as all her benefits were paid as a Colonel, this was due to him being a Local Brigadier. The end product of this case was that the MOD lost and had to pay all benefits as a Brigadier.

    This means that if you now get Local Rank you should only get it for 6 months and then you must be either promoted or moved to a job that you are the correct rank for.

    Substitution pay is only payable for 6 months now as well, again, at the end of the 6 month period you should be moved to a job that you are qualified for.
  5. Another option is for the establishment table (AF C 7005) to be amended and the rank range of that particular job downgraded.