Timber Saw

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Spacehopper383, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these?
    I have a stack of wood and being a fat knacker, want a bit of a work out whilst sawing them into useful logs for the fire. So far all my searches on the net have come to nothing, baring a site in the good old US of A.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Are you sure you don't need to get rid of a frozen stiff?
    Otherwise, get an axe! Fiskars big one is the business!
  3. Trail saws are bloody expensive - Bow Saw any good to ya? CPC Does the job for under a tenner and they normally deliver rapido or you can pick em up at homebase.
  4. You have to see/feel the difference between a bow saw and a decent forestry saw to appreciate it.

    Axes don't cut cleanly enough to let you subsequently split the rounds if you need to. Bow saws are only really good for cutting small logs. I've seen/used larger than the 3' saw in the earlier link, but 3' is probably as much as can reasonably be used by one person.
  5. You can cut a body into 6 pieces faster than you think. It's not much different than boning a chicken, but it takes more work, a big knife, and time. A hammer will be useful for pulverizing joints or driving the knife deep where it doesn't want to go. Anyway it's wise to crush as much of the skeleton as you can along the way. It will aid in making the body less identifiable for what it is as it decomposes.
  6. Just leave it under some snow for a week to get a propper deep freeze - then lob the frecker in a decent woodchipper. Bird food - sorted!