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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Howls of indignation in some quarters about "comedian" Tim Vine's item on the last post in the Times Culture Section, Sunday 3 Aug
    Having been guilty of similar schoolboy humour at military memorial services myself, decades ago, I have to keep to the moral low ground. At least I can relate to the concept of sacrifice, loss of fallen comrades and loved ones, and the emotion of the Armistice Parade.
    Many will "... in their own time, carry on, " but before you move the safety catch to fire, just pause and think what a shallow, sheltered, life Vine must have led to date, not to be strirred by the emotion of the the Last Post. This may say more about the values of society today, than our outrage and indignation might say about us.

  2. We've all laughed at inappropriate times.

    Once at school, we had a talk from this very brave, erudite former internee of a Japanese POW camp (my grandfather was also a prisoner) and he was telling us of his time there and he was standing in this huge hall full of 2000 boys, will pride, dignity and we all held him in very high-esteem. Then some lad shouted out "yeah I bet you got bummed" and needless to say, the entire hall erupted lauhging. Me included, it was partly out of the outrageousness, partly from shock/fear and secondly, it was unbelievable.

    Am I ashamed of laughing to bits, yes I am.
  3. Yes, we've all been there. But what sort of low life writes this sort of stuff now, with the coffins being flown in regularly from Iraq and Ghan? If you feel as strongly as I do, here are some links for responses:

    Editor of Sunday Times: letters@sunday-times.co.uk .

    Editor of the so-called "Art and Culture" Supplement on : culture@sunday-times.co.uk (what has this got to do with art or culture?)

    Also. I see Vine is at the Edinburgh Festival until 16 August. Perhaps letters to the Scotsman on this link: letters_ts@scotsman.com

    Given the casualties the Scottish Regiments have suffered, they might also wish to explain a few facts of life to him. His venue is Pleasance Courtyard.

    Check out his own website too - http://www.timvine.com/ A bit thin, but you can send him an e-mail and you can also see the schedule for his September tour. He is in Aldershot on the evening of 17 September, which is a thought!
  4. Newsflash;
    Second rate 'comedian' seeks publicity prior to appearance at small fringe gathering in Scottish city.
  5. A bit behind the curve (as usual) but nevertheless as a member of the "ex/old and bold club" might I suggest that this pond-life tries his "humour" to entertain families and friends waiting for the next, unfortunately inevitable, repatriation flight into Brize - or perhaps the Marines and Paras would like to invite him to a "remember the fun we had in Helmand" party sometime....
  6. I don't find this arrsegrape in the least funny
  7. I doubt whether he meant to be disrespectful, I think he is a good comedian, anyone see him?

    He is the brother Jeremy Vine I believe.
  8. He is... and I still think he's a Kn0bber
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Outrage bus will be along shortly.
  10. Well, he just sounds like a bit of an ignorant plank.

    I feel sorry for him really. Sorry that he has little appreciation of the real world and sorry that he doesn't understand the meaning behind the last post and rememberance.

    yes, we've all laughed at innappropriate moments. Yes, sometimes it is funny. I sometimes find edgy, innappropriate humour amusing. But the simple fact of the matter is that this piece wasn't in the least amusing.

    and which war would that be? Obviously some distant near-forgotten conflict that doesn't effect us?! :x

    That just displays his ignorance to a tee....
  11. Cnut. He is so stupid that he is having a go at the tune, which is a call not a fecking pop hit, rather than the unfortunates who tried to play it. Anyone who has heard a pro - oh for example 2 RGJ's bugles - play it, would know exactly how ill-conceived and unamusing this skit is.
  12. All the Last Post meant to me when I was a kid was that I had to stand still and be quiet for two minutes. While some amateur with good intentions destroyed the music on a solitary instrument. Watching friends pulling faces at each other and trying to make others laugh, then getting cuffed by adults.

    Once the two minutes were up you were free to continue as before while the adults shook hands and headed off for a drink or two. Basically didn't mean a thing to me.

    It's not until you have been amongst people who went through it that you can fully appreciate the sentiment behind the music.

    Suspect it's the same with Mr Vine.
  13. I remember at the age of about 14 or 15 being in the school chapel at the funeral of another boy from the school - he was a year or two older or younger - I forget which. In the middle of the service I heard another boy whisper some puerile joke about the proceedings and I spent the next half an hour choking myself trying to avoid breaking out into laughter.

    I can't remember what the joke was - I can remember the fear of the shame (and subsequent punishment) of laughing aloud during a funeral. Not proud of it and can't see how it's a good subject for comedy.
  14. The article is inappropriate, given that the writer is being payed for interlectual input. The fact that it was writen (and published) is yet another example of the gulf between the civilian population and its Armed Services. 50 years ago no-one would have even dreamt of writing that piece, but times and experiences change..........
  15. Well I'm driving :evil: The man is a cnut and if, as has been suggested, he is only doing it for publicity then he is an even bigger cnut and needs staking out and his balls kicking till they are the size of purple water melons.

    Did I mention he is a cnut?

    And he is as funny as the news that you have HIV positive and the clap!