Tim Montgomerie on Britain in Military Decline

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Idrach, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Folks - in amongst some other stuff - http://conservativehome.blogs.com/centreright/2008/01/britain-is-in-r.html, a 'leading' Tory commentator on us:

    Makes some sense - in my opinion, particularly the last clause.
  2. The link doesn't work
  3. Try this one. Link

    The author is Tim Montgomerie. This is what Tim says about Himself.

    My bold.

    So after six years working in the real world, Mr Montgomerie is drawn into the world of politics. How does His background give Him the ability to write with authority about HM Forces?
  4. " How does His background give Him the ability to write with authority about HM Forces? "

    I was going to ask the same questtion of you Sven - I've never quite worked out what it was you did in HM Forces.
  5. Sven, I sympathise with your rationale but fail to understand why you (and the other 'usual suspects') always seem so keen to criticise and risk alienating anyone in the public eye who expresses their support for the Armed Forces.
  6. And what qualifies any of the present government to send any service personnel into harms way, when none of neue liarbour will ever, or have ever had the balls to serve. Before any of gordons luvvies start i have served, and would still serve if i were younger and didn't have responsibilities to others. However i am assisting by using my skills to provide support for our armed services.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Unlike our present Armed Forces minister you mean Sven, or you for that matter.
  8. I do not look on Mr Montgomerie with suspicion for His support of HM Forces, more because He has no authority to write what He has. I suspect that He is cynically using the forces issues as a stick to beat the sitting government with. How many articles has He written on the forces, how many links to Forces friendly headlines on His website?

    Is there any evidence He is a friend of British Soldiery?
  9. Then do a search on past posts on ARRSE James :roll:
  10. And You too, Biped - if it comes to that :roll:
  11. If You are really interested, PM me
  12. "After only 6 years experience in the real world".

    As opposed to say - Nick Clegg for example:

    Attended 3 universities 1986 -92
    Undisclosed length as trainee journalist
    Development Aid expert to the EU
    Advisor to Sir Leon Brittan (in EU)
    Elected as Euro-MP 1999
    Less then year as a part time lecturer
    Now an MP

    And that qualifies him to speak on what exactly? The EU, where he wants us to vote on leaving the union. What a joke!
  13. Is He being touted as the Forces next great hope? when we achieve government He will have lots of generals to give Him advice on military matters
  14. Biped

    As You requested . . . .

    What are Yours, by the way - come on, quid pro quo
  15. In the abence of masses of former generals in the Liberal Democrats, they may have to turn to Sven for advice.

    God help us all