Tim Collins-Prime Minister?

Tim Collins- Prime Minister of the UK?

  • Damn right get him in and long live the revolution!

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  • Nah, I'll stick with old TB (praise be upon his name!)

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Thank you, Dui-Lai.

I think PTP has worked out how it would in fact be possible to elect TC as MP for Sedgefield if a) he stood and b) sufficient service voters registered there for postal votes.

I can hear those Warriors rumbling up Whitehall now!
Heh don't go giving Col Tim any ideas. This was my plan to circumvent promotion boards after all its got to be an easier route to be in charge of CDS rather than actually get promoted to CDS!!
ViroBono said:
I think PTP has worked out how it would in fact be possible to elect TC as MP for Sedgefield if a) he stood and b) sufficient service voters registered there for postal votes.
Can you choose to use a service postal vote in whatever constituency you want, regardless of where your MQ is?
P_F , I think there is a link somewhere , either on Current Affairs or the Int Cell.

I think the stipulation , is you have to be registered to vote in the constituency on the night in question. I'll ask a convenient politico, and come back ASAP on that

The Link in my signature points at a Postal voting form for download.
get Mike Jackson (as in the boss - not the baby dangler) in as PM. looks like a bag of spuds tied in the middle and his teeth are yellower than the stripe down my back, but he is used to the idiots in london
What n*bber voted for BLiar (May his shadow never grow less) ? :roll:
Somebody voted for BLiar(praise be upon his name) and I say we hound out that vagabond and tie him naked outside Joannas(Pompey!) with a tub of KY on a busy Saturday night.

Still, knowing the deviants who post here, he'll probably enjoy it!
Bo11ocks to giving Collins or Jacko PM. Let them keep their rank, form a military Junta and leaguer up at Admiralty Arch with whatever Challie II's we have left, top cover left to teeny weeny airways with both their Apache's and the Kingoes after a night on the razz in the city can be the Inf Bn.

March up to The Palace and present 'The Boss' Betty with the country back having hung Bliar and his little helpers across the Millennium Bridge and popped their internal organs on the fcuking 'London Eye'. The millennium dome can be used as a mass morgue for the tossers who voted for this current bunch of oxygen thieves who decided that 1000 years of British Culture can be wiped out in 4 years. At least Hitler had a calendar of 10 years to wipe out Jewish culture.

Royal etiquette dictates that she cant disagree with her govn but I'm pretty sure that behind closed doors she thinks uncle tony is a tool of the highest order and he should be shot at dawn. He is after all trying to abolish any power she may have had in her 52 year reign (septics, that’s experience and total knowledge in how the world works if you were wondering).

And another fcuking thing.....

Anyone who doesn’t hold a current and legal British passport (don’t care what colour you are. I am not a fcuking 'racist'. I would rather live next to a bloke who contributes to the country who is blacker than the ace of spades than a shell suit wearing Caucasian who scams the benefits system) who claims off the country can also join the w ankers on the bridge. Anyone who decides to produce lots of babies without thinking about the responsibilities that it entails (i.e.: financially independent and able to bring them up in an environment that doesn’t include the use of a baseball cap or an XR3i or 23 and a half hours of appearing on Trisha as a training video to how one should live) should be paraded in front of said Kingoes and ordered to shout 'you bunch of scally Everton supporters' then nailed to a make shift cross on the Kingsway.

Anyone who thinks that 'reality TV programmes' are cool should be stripped, searched with an ATO wheelbarrow then transported to Porton Down to replace the Beagles then have their legs removed and forced to run the Doncaster Marathon covered in marmite.

All the tossers who read The Guardian or Evening Standard and quote the 'Editors view' in a positive way will be shot by former members of The Royal Pioneer Corps with a SMG at a range of no less than 100 mtrs, a slow and painful death as you will agree.

We've not had a revolution or a civil war for a while and I think it’s high time we do. Regime change starts at home.

Anyone fancy being a top player in British history?

Email me at totalnutterbastard@frootloop.co.uk

The_Monk now known as ctauch. bite me you cnut :D
The Monk-well said that man/person! Bit radicle in areas but it sounds sensible, well about as sensible as this site can get.

So how much more do the British people have to take before we finally get off our arses and get rid of the tosser, TBliar (praise be upon his name!) :p

This EU constitution referendum will be our way of giving him the Agincourt salute!

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