Discussion in 'Photography' started by ark-angel, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. Without wanting to fork out for a bleedin lens. Does anyone have a recomendation for a decent bit of software that should give me the same effect?
  2. Adobe Elements 10 is capable of sorting this out! Elements 11 has been released recently but not worth the upgrade as far as I am concerned!
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  3. Are you shooting stills or video?

    For any clever post effects such as tilt/shift or grading for movies I'd recommend Magic Bullet. For stills: what Lance Corp said.

    I've recently looked at a Samyang 24mm tilt shift - the manufacturers are usually very well priced and produce some good kit but it was still £900 odd.
  4. Stills. Leave all the video shite to my brother ;)

    Was thinking about buying one odf those Fuji XS-1's. Managed to bust my Nikon. (3100 with the kit lens) and thought might as well try the all in one route for what i want it for. Its just that i would prefer a manual exposure for night shots rather than the max 30 second with the fuji.
  5. Video shite indeed! - I don't actually remember the last time I shot on 'video'.

    I don't know enough about the Fuji but for an extra £50 or so you could get a Canon 550d. Ok, this is with a kit lens that's slightly crap - but then have a look at the second hand lens market.

  6. Ok then the motion photography.
    Just thought that i would probably be better with the fixed lens rather than messing with what to buy and stuff as it will spend most time sitting on the dashboard till something interesting pops up. The tilt shift thing wa just an idea to add a twist on some of the images i may take.

  7. There's plenty of arrsers that know a damn site more than me with regards photography but I suppose I'm qualified to say that the kit you need depends very much on what you'll want to be snapping.

    If you want to shoot video than there are plenty of good inexpensive 'video' cameras out there that will do the job such as

    or the GoPro HD hero 3 GoPro HD Hero3 SILVER Edition: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics if you just want to leave the thing on the dash and record RTAs

    Using DSLRs to shoot video will result in lovely images but camera was not designed to be a video camera and thus is fiddly to operate. yes - episodes of House were shot on a canon 5D MkII but the amount of kit they had to bolt onto the camera to make it function like a film camera would fill a crate (large).

    If it's stills and movies your wanting my tip would be a Canon 550 and a bit of practice.
  8. Tilt-Shift is the Tobacco Graduated filter of the moment, it's a fad.

    If you're an amateur, I would go with software for the moment, unless you do a lot of architectural shots, then you can use tilt-shift for what it was meant for. Otherwise you'll end up with a expensive lump of glass and plastic, when the gimmick fades away in a couple of years.
  9. The baccy grad has been a staple of many a fine cameraman's armoury for some time -indeed it makes regular appearances on Top Gear ... and yes, it's been done to death.

    TBH it's actually rare for a cameramen to use filters or trick lenses nowadays, as nearly all the relevant effects can be achieved in post.
  10. I've used the baccy grad, everyone has, and I still think tilt-shift is a fad. Bring back the star burst and prism, the endless fun that could be had, ummm well maybe not.
  11. You two need to be talking to my brother about all this.

  12. He's the lens expert for film work if his IMDB is anything to go by!
  13. Used to be on the board for the Guild of Camera Technicians too. Got me a summer job as a VT operator on the second unit for " Gorrilas in the Mist" working with Rick Baker. He later paid for me to go and spend Christmass with him in LA that year. ******* wild!
  14. Snapseed will do the tilt/shift thing, and is very inexpensive.
  15. Not exactly new to the photo scene, but what is tilt/shift?

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