Tikka T3

Interesting , which model/calibre?
I remember seeing a T3 varmint in blue on the news in France sitting behind the reporter with what looked to be a Polis marksman nearby, probably .223. Let’s face it accurate at the distance they need them for and a fraction of the price to buy.
Having competed at Connaught Ranges and seen the 'Rangers' shoot with their bolt action .303's, i was actually thinking of getting myself a Tikka T3 to shoot CSR. Having not done CSR yet, does anyone know if people use bolt action in CSR?
You may also want to consider a Begara , not heard anything bad about them yet ....


What a shit system, registered and clicked the link on the email logged in and was told I didn't exist.
I'm not a member so don't know what the procedure is for joining, as I understand it there aren't many sites which reference straight pull AR's the AR15.com United Kingdom sub forum looks pretty dead.
I think there's a bit of knowledge on AR15 stuff on this forum:
CSR Shooter • Index page
I presume that the reason I can't see anything at all, is that you have to register and log in to see what's on the forum? Or maybe there's nothing there.....?


Ive logged in now and introduced myself.


If you want to enter into the fray ask about the benefits of a Bradley arms rifle build vs a Lantac.
There is no chance I am going to do that as a newbie!
I joined about a year ago, they binned me recently for not saying much! I have just become a civvy over the last 2 years i have been busy!

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