Tightness in chest?


Hey recently I've been getting a sort of tightness in my chest but when I stretch out I can here like a clicking noise and can feel the tightness sort of loosening, I'm just wondering does anyone have a clue why I'm getting this??


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Just a thought...

After the 'clicking' that makes it feel better, do you find that you need to sew new buttons onto your shirt?


Command_doh said:
Have you thought about asking a professional the same question? Pains in the chest are serious, and not worth taking quack advice over. Get it checked out/sorted properly.

What he said, chest tightening and clicking isn't a good sign, might be nothing but you should have it checked out.


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Could be those massive pecs you've been building for months?

on a more serious note, get it checked out you maniac.
This is an obvious sign of a myocardial infarction. You're probably only going to survive another five years, tops.


Beat me to it Carcass. Now I have to suggest tumour.

On a serious note, visit your GP soonest. Don't think it will be sufficient for a visit (and 24 day wait) in the Emergency Department.
Don't listen to them, the correct course of action is to ask a load of people you don't know on an internet forum and hope it goes away on it's own.

My bet is you are a replicant like in bladerunner and you need a service though.


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righthandmarker said:
Where's he gone???

To buy a bigger shirt so that he doesn't keep bursting out of his current one - the one that's too tight around his chest...
Hi RazzOrr,

I think the safest thing to do would be to go to hospital or at the very least see your G.P. Tightening of the chest can be something or nothing...and you dont want it to be the former. It could be anything from stress, previous fracture, asthma or potential cariac problem.

Beleive me, my mother has heart problems...if you dont have it checked out you may end up regreting it. Also if it isnt checked out it will constently play on your mind.

There may be an article within here that can help you until you seek medical advice:


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Firstly, you are asking the wrong people, go and see your Doctor.

But, for my 2 cents worth, for about a year i went through a spell where my left lung collapsed about 8-9 times for no bloody reason. Its known as a Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Contrary to what you would think, this was often not an unpleasant experience. If my lung just went down 5-10% there was no real pain, just a bit of tightness in my chest and the occasional clicking sound in my shoulder around my collar bone (where the hole was).

I dismissed it the first few times, even when it started to hurt a little, and i got pain when i ran, assuming it was something else. Had i been into Arrse at that time (no pun intended) i may even have posted on here. What i should have done is to go and check it out, because it developed into something much more serious.

The moral of this little tale is: dont mess around when your chest is concerned. As a wise man once told me, "chest pain is Gods way of saying 'i want you.'" Get it checked out.
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There may be an article within here that can help you until you seek medical advice:


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I hope you're paying for advertising on here.

Go - I ignored really serious symptoms for a long time, admittedly because my GP told me I had a chest infection. She was half right, I had a myocardial infection featuring two different viruses and my heart nearly did a 100% flip out. Luckily I'm married and my wife bullied me until I went to A&E. Which was the beginning of a long stay in Bath's very own "MRSA Motel"...but I'm alright now, now, now, eurgh!
I had occasional chest pains for years, turned out I have a stomach infection called helicobacter pylori, I now have to take capsules regularly to cut down my acid production. Clue - I did not find out what was wrong by posting a question on the internet.
i have a tightness in my pants...thing is though i dont wear pants...what shall i do? I went the GP she said best thing is to try ARRSE on the internet....? help!

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