Tigger the Tiger

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Spank-it, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. So once again Tiger Woods shows that he probably is the best golfer ever.

    By winning his 14th major title yesterday while mincing around with a duff knee begs the question:
    would you slip your 9 iron up his missus's bunker :?

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  2. Sorry... not allowed to talk about women in the NAAFI anymore. GAY RIGHTS is O.K. though. Perhaps if you'd like to bang him while she does something for charideeeee.

    Anways... BRAVO 2... complete with tits, documentary and pussy... where men are allowed to watch tits forever.
  3. There is a thread in the NAAFI dedicated for the sole purpose of keeping those happy that can't find pictures of women on their own. Post away until your heart is content.

    That way those of us that don't can open the naafi and read threads other than 'Women with bikes / guns / fridge magenets / maps or Arkansas etc
  4. That's the problem right there. One thread.... many themes. TOO LARGE. Fekkin obvious.

    Anyway... I'm busy.. can't spend another day doing this.

    Good luck with the GAY obsessions CAT.... sorry NAAFI BAr.
  5. I react on the PMs and input from others. The majority don't want 80 separate threads about trouts. Sorry if this upsets you, try FHM or Loaded website?
  6. In a full on Aussie accent: PUFFS - PUFFS - PUFFS - PUFFS........................... ad nauseam...
  7. Well in that case why is the Babes - Hot or Not topic been locked??? If you want us to use a single thread let itbe that one...or is that too logical???????
  8. I wrote this yesterday?

    Should I have put it in every thread?
  9. Sorry MDN, I don't have either the time nor inclination to look through all the threads to see if any MODS had posted to that effect, therefore, my bad, however, it really is a poor show!
  10. Really?

    Thats him told.
  11. Ok, thanks for coming
  12. MDN - Please shove this thread in the hole.

    Tigers missus can rest in peace for a while
    comfortable with the knowledge that NO
    Arrser would touch her with a barge pole. :)
  13. An ex of many years ago nick-named me Tigger - because I'd bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce and have fun, fun, fun, fun. fun.
    I read the thread title and thought she'd caught up with me. 8O
  14. Don't flatter yourself you ponce 8)