Tiger Tim Henman - are we too harsh on him?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Jun 28, 2007.

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    So im feeling a bit guilty after all the sniggering come-on-Tim texts I sent today following his KO from Wimbledon.

    After all isnt he the best tennis player we've had since Fred Perry?

    Shouldnt we just ignore his schoolboy face, the stern gaze when serving, the exaggerated pumping of the fist and just get behind him 100%?

    Come on Tim I say!
  2. Sixty

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    "Raaar! What fcuker stole my cone"
  3. You mean the last ENGLISHMAN since fred
  4. I feel the blame lies in the hands of the press, just like the football and cricket. They big them up, get everyone's expectations up, and then, when they inevitably fail, start dishing the dirt on them. If they were left alone and judged by their performances alone things wouldn't seem so bleak.
  5. Tim henman is our number 2 hope! guess that means we are fokked!
    a nation of 50 million and we can produce a handfull of players! and embarrassingly our best at present is scottish! the size of england we can produce 1 size of scotland also 1 (and his brother )
  6. He had the man on the ropes after comming from 2 sets down, then proceeded to serve like girl in the 1st game 5th set. Knob.

    Murray will have a Wimbledon title within 3 years, get your money on him now.

  7. I agree, the press built him up as the Great Hope and created this hysteria with middle england, housewife choice, etc. But soon as he appeared as a good but not GREAT player the same press took the urine out of him. Even the nickname TIGER Tim is sarcastic (he isn't like that brat McEnroe!)

    The press hate him now because he doesn't do wild crazy things such as punch a copper or stagger out of a nightclub at 4am or has his dirty linen done in public.
  8. Tim turned round and said he treated it like a hobby and fcuk does it show, i dont even like tennis would rather smash fcuk out of a squash ball myself.

    Scottish one doesnt even like england, see him wearing portugal shirt during world cup?
  9. Are we bo**ocks, if anything we are not harsh enough! Chastise him till he melts away from the public eye. Predictably though he will then write a book describing the highs and lows of a tennis 'stars' life which will be bought by the brain dead people who still blindly make their way over to Henman Hill! Me bitter?................ No!
  10. NO.

    He's sh1t in a sh1t sport.

    :? I've had an irrational hatred of Wimbledon since kids TV programmes were cut short because of it when I was child (no day-time TV or Sky then ,you know)....don't mind a bit of gusset watching in the women (loosely described in some cases) game :wink: - still sh1t sport though :evil:
  11. And we learn today that he has been knocked out of the Cincinatti tournament today by an amateur! Professional sportsman! You should be ashamed!
  12. Maybe, but it will be Jamie Murray. Andy is too fragile to get through a major tournament. The extra sets are just too much for him.
  13. Tim may not be the best in the world, but he is significantly better than I am and therefore gets my support.
  14. How can you ever be too harsh on a toffy nosed, useless w@nker?? I've seen more talent in a bucket of sh**e!
  15. No, he's a pointless waste of rations...