Tiger team

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by merlin162, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know what a Tiger team is? Been on Armynet looking at Mobilised posts and saw a vacancy, any sensible ideas?
  2. The TIGER Team are an asset tracking team. Last time I saw them they were in Iraq trying to account for all of the missing containers and equipment in them. They account for all equipment in theatre...I think.
  3. Get ready to run around with a barcode scanner. If NSN's are your bag, you'll never look back!
  4. I saw them in Iraq. A lot.

    If you hate your trade, regiment, corps, colleagues, the world, yourself, etc... then it'll be the ideal way to wa... spend 6 months.
  5. Stackers with attitude!

    They may well do worthwhile and necessary job but I wouldnt volunteer for it.
  6. I'm sure they only gave them the name to try and get people to sign up
    for it thinking it sounded good.
  7. Yeh if you're 6 and you like Frosties, theyre Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat 8O
  8. Fcuk me...it's the Tesco Special Forces! :D
  9. Nah - Tesco Commandos! :twisted:
  10. Well I think i'll carry on being an honourable grunt that I have managed to remain for the last 26 years, just the name made it sound like an interesting job.... Pity!
  11. I can't believe you lot told him the truth. Christ, you must be going bloody soft.

    It's a lousy job with a gucci name to drew poeple in. Merlin, you had a lucky escape.
  12. It may be duller than watching Kate Moss undress, but Tiger team members spend a lot of time "in-country" and six months in a Tiger team can involve two or three campaign gongs.
  13. which is why a couple in my parent Sqn went on it, the lure of 3 medals! Sad!
  14. Hi All

    Additional info...

    A Tiger Team isn't just this asset tracking team. It is also a general term used for a variety of teams set up for a short term specific function, i.e. to move progress on an issue, frequently filling a gap where they may be no permanent team in place nor any plans to have a permanent team.
  15. Where have you been lately, you've been very quiet!