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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Been offered a short tour as part of this Tiger Team thing?

    I've heard it's stacking shelves, but at this point in time, that sounds pretty good!
  2. A SSGT from my unit went on a posting with Tiger Team and he's loving it. He's doing asset tracking and says it a gucci number. Enjoy if you accept and btw where will you be based?
  3. BB, check your PMs.
  4. Just what is Tiger Team then?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    They track assets in theatre (eg ISO containers, vehicles) using barcodes.

  6. I worked a little with the Tiger Team in Kosovo on one of the earlier Agricola tours, their role is to scoot around country finding all the assets in theatre and zip the bar code/serial number and download it onto computer back at base so everyone knows where all the Generators etc are. They worked on their own so they didn't get to do any sh*t like stagging on etc.

    If you wana get around country then its a good job to do, although I'm not so sure I would want to be driving around Iraq in a Lanie with 25 rounds of 5.56 for protection.

    I'd guess if its in Iraq you'd probably get to use a heli for a taxi ride to the capital to check the assets up there.... I'd imagine you'd be based in Basrah Airport with the Div if they still have one there... (infact do we still have a Div in the Army?)

    Well thas my 2 cents worth.
  7. Tiger team! hahahhahahahahahahahaha

    I saw these muppets in iraq, not based at the airport (FYI). Oh my God what a bonk job. this is a job that LEC's could do. Don't do it!
  8. Why do they call it tiger team .Trying to hoodwink people signing up for a bone job ?
  9. something to do with
    tigers + stripes + barcodes?
  10. Apparently it's an acronym of the 5 letter variety though i don't know it stands for.
  11. Don't get where you think its a bone job from? In Kosovo they were on their own, did their own thing, didn't get dicked for anything and drove all over country- raping and piliging as they went as far as anyone knew. I'd call that a pretty ok job for 6 mths. Only downside I can see is it would be pretty dodgy driving around the hot place with no back up ! I wouldn't drive round that place now if I had the USS Nimitz following me :lol:
  12. Maybe it was just the individuals out on Telic at the time I was there. Their OC was a stroker and they found it hard to settle into the lines. I think they were pretty much regarded as a joke. As they recruit from all cap badges I think doing inventry mangement is a really bone way of spending a tour if you've trained to do something else.
  13. Fair one Wench3000, my unit got asked if anyone was interested in 2005 I think but not for me, personally I like to stay in trade to learn my trade. But depends on how desperate you are to go on tour and what your looking for and whats on offer at the time.

    I know that tiger and watch keeper are pretty much all thats on offer to seniors for example so i guess its what floats ya boat.
  14. It always struck me as a bit of a walt job .No one knows anything about what they get up too .And its got a cool sounding name must be some one using to impress people :lol: .
  15. Several, I work with them.....