Tiger Team

Has anyone got any idea what an op telic tiger team does, I know its not the most exciting thing in the world but can i have some decent descriptions of what is involved? Cheers :mrgreen:
Don't they go around sticking asset tags on equipment?
Reading bar-codes... Not very glam but important work all the same if you feel like most that the MOD is a giant money pit... Incidentally, I've known a couple of guys who worked on TIGER just after Op TELIC and although you aren't doing the warry stuff you are seeing the whole of the theatre usually, and nowadays you are just as likely to be near the action. Just make sure you oil your barcode scanner every day!
Not sure about Tiger Team

But I do remember Tiger Watch, all those nights not getting pished and NEVER saw a tiger, bloody Int Cell
I did a stint on the TIGER (Theatre Information Gathering, European Region) Team in Kosovo at the turn of the millennium. It had changed its name from TEDY (Theatre Equipment Database, Yugoslavia) after the original in Bosnia.

If it's the same project you're likely to be issued with a barcode reader (of the TESCO/Sainsburys warehouse stable of asset tracking) and reels of barcodes upon arrival in theatre. You will then spend the next six months chasing assets all over the Brigade AOR and cursing the barcode reader which doesn't like hot, dry, dusty environments (Kosovo in the summer) or cold and wet environments (Kosovo in winter). The batteries are usually good for a few hours but the data is lost if they die and all your work has to be repeated.

That aside, you will likely see more of Iraq than most and get a good grip on the make-up and structure of the British Army on Ops and how it all works. More so than deploying with a regiment.

Hope that helps and my dated info is not duff.
There was a TIGER team in Bosnia in 2003. I was on the next desk down from them and they are a pain in the arse! Maybe not due to the individuals at the time, but the whole TIGER asset system is flawed that they could never keep track of what assets were in theatre especially when it came to closing all the camps down. ISO containers spring to mind!!!
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